Angry men stamp their adorable little feet after Marines degender job titles


I am shocked and disappointed that Navy personnel haven’t adopted “Boatfucker” as the informal title.


I have a hunch they just put a couple of extras in those getups back in season 1 so they’d have plausible deniability when people inevitably started complaining that Troi’s costume was sexist.


the problem is even that… thing is still regulation uniform… just cut way the hell down. Troi’s cheerleader outfit wasn’t even department colors.


I’m talking about her outfit from season 1, when they were emphasizing legs over cleavage.


I recently did a lot of research into these costumes (because, nerd), and apparently the women’s TNG jumpsuits had a substantial padded bra inside. Like, Marina Sirtis said she’d take her outfit off at the end of the day and be like “where’d my boobs go?”

There’s a story that they did the same to Kate Mulgrew’s outfit for Voyager, and that she ripped it out and refused to wear it.

After Season 3 of TNG, they changed the uniforms to the nicer two-piece ones, but the women still got jumpsuits. Apparently the producers wanted the women to still be “sexy” but the costume designer was like “that’s stupid, this is the future” so the jumpsuits were a compromise.


Marina Sirtis talks about Deanna Troi and the inverse relation between cleavage and brains in TNG


From that link.

So then we got to season six, and there was the episode “Chain of Command” where we were trying out the new captain, Captain Jellico (just in case Patrick wanted too much money for next season, we were auditioning other captains), and he said to Troi “Go put on a uniform”. And lo and behold, there was one in her closet. So I put it on, and by then I was skinny, and the director and all the producers were like “she looks good in that, why wasn’t she been wearing that for the last six years?”

I think this is supposed to be a joke, but I haven’t watched TNG in many years.


Oooh yeeeaa that thing. Those uniforms in general looked too light weight really.

And i liked Troi in a standard issue uniform. Trousers and all. She looked… Proper. A respectable crewmember as opposed to bridge bunny.


True hardcore soldiers, regardless of gender, wear a skirt…

A number of authors state that the regiment was given the nickname “Ladies from Hell” (“Die Damen aus der Hölle”) by German troops, allegedly on account of their kilts and fighting qualities.


The first season of TNG was really trying too hard to copy the formula of TOS. I think the miniskirts and go-go boots were one symptom of that.


OK between that and Angel One I really feel stupid for not noticing a lot of early season Trek plots were pretty much recycled Phase 2 scripts.

That time Stargate SG-1 remade the worst TNG episode ever

My OED says that “swain” as in knight’s swain predates “swain” as in fair maiden’s swain by around 3 centuries.


Hey now!

The Naked Now was a legitimate and proper homage to the Naked Time!. Besides, it’s vitally important to our understanding of who Data is!.


Both of those episodes featured considerably less nudity than the titles implied. (Though we did get to see George Takei’s gleaming abs and a tantalizing glimpse of Tasha Yar underboob.)


This is not to mock you, but reading your comment I can’t help but think of this…

Dickweasel is my new favorite word :smile:


We can only hope (or count ourselves lucky it didn’t happen). Jellico was an ass and nearly every decision he made was exactly the wrong decision to make when taking over someone else’s leadership role in a crisis.

The only one thing they got right with him was putting Troi in a uniform. And they even kind of managed to make him an ass with that too because it was the wrong place at the wrong time. :laughing: :crying_cat_face:


Am I the only one who, at first glance, thought there was some sort of optical blurring going on just below her skirt?


[David Attenborough narrates]
"The Dickweasel’s natural habitat is in the lower chambers of its maternal warren. It feeds by engorging itself on sugary liquids and salted fried foods coming from plastic bags. The most common activity of the Dickweasel is engaging in online discussions frequently but incorrectly pointing out perceived rhetorical fallacies and taking deliberately factually unsupportable positions, in order to annoy others…


That light isn’t actually shining up from the floor, it’s emanating down from her nethers. (Remember, orbs of light have been known to wander into Troi’s uterus.)

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