Animation of atmospheric carbon dioxide


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I think it’s actually carbon dioxide, but honestly they’re pretty close. My hemoglobin disagrees but it’s just a metalloprotein.


Carbon monoxide kills you, and carbon dioxide makes pleasant fizzy drinks and provides entertainment when frozen. Based on the trend, I assume that carbon trioxide is tons of fun.


That’s a well designed website.


Yes it’s a bit confusing as it shows CO2 in colours (and not a particularly wide range) and CO in shades of gray. It would have been nice to be able to view the two separately.


Always freaky to hear my boss’ (Bill Putman’s) voice on the internet!


Never tried an oxide I didn’t like*

*many of the unpleasant ones are quite lethal


Very nice visualization of Rossby waves on the jet stream too…


Ditto this, especially since the CO2 colors include a kind of whitish color.


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