Crowdfunding Battle Blimps: "Small, open-source, RC blimps + hydrogen + red poker tips"


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My life just found a new meaning.




The one shortcoming - H2 in small volumes with only atmospheric oxygen will make a satisfying “pop” or quick “bang” depending on the post-tear mixing. This would be so much better with more drama (and a better oxidant). Maybe an N2O injector using a whippet cracker?

The fact that I’m already thinking about improvements shouldn’t be seen as a sign that I disapprove - quite the contrary. This is a fucking awesome idea.

I’m in!


Hydrogen flame is rather underwhelming, at least for those of us who don’t see in ultraviolet. What about mixing in some methane or other hydrocarbon, for the red ball of incandescent carbon particles we love?


Just about the loudest thing I’ve ever heard was when a buddy of mine got his hands on a tank of hydrogen, and used a regulator to mix it 2:1 with oxygen in trash bags, which he then released to float slowly up into the air and shot with roman candles.


This sounds like so much fun it should be illegal, and it probably is.


Where the hell are they going to get a supply of whip-its at Burning Man?


Similarly, one of the loudest things I’ve ever heard was when my chemistry teacher bubbled hydrogen and oxygen into water & detergent, then pushed a lighted splint into a bucket of the resulting flammable foam.


The first team to produce an autonomous, as opposed to RC, combatant does get to name it ‘Auto von Zepplin’ and wear egregiously steampunk goggles and mustaches.


If Burning Man is like any of the outdoor events I remember from my yoof, it will be a struggle. “If only someone had brought more bulbs and a nanganator” was a constraint refrain…


Came to say something cleverly dismissive about the real cause of the Hindenberg disaster, but I thought I might check my facts first. Woops - right down the rabbit hole! Turns out lots of smart people are still arguing over it, and there are about a half-dozen theories. However, none of them involved battle blimps.


Yeah, but I see incandescent carbon particles and can’t help but think “now there’s a lost opportunity”.


One more clueless step toward the blimpocalypse.


What could POSSIBLY go wrong? :slight_smile:

That said, I need one. :slight_smile:


Soon to be followed by their new IndieGoGo project: a book entitled “How You Too Can Create A Series Of Lawsuits That Bankrupt You.”


Thought. What about equipping the blimps with those high-power blue lasers? Possibly with also low-power red ones for targeting?
Also, what about small boxes for electrolytic hydrogen production? Just add water and power…?


Better idea. A book how to make shell companies and contract/use offshore vendors to shield yourself from liabilities in a lawyer-happy society.


what, no one mentioned the Kurt Vonnegut Blimp planet where the males are blimps propelled by farts and the females are pyramids, who can’t fly but one day figure out that two males can pick them up and fly around leading to all sorts of trouble.


PBS Nova had a great episode on the world war one zeppelins that were actually quite difficult to shoot down, they had to devise special bullets that (ie one that would explode on impacting the outer surface) and the next one was an incendiary) otherwise the bullets would just pass through with no harm.

Also the bags containing the hydrogen were made from cattle intestines that were overlaid and would endup sticking together. One airship required the intestines of 250,000 cattle and Germany issued a moratorium on sausage making.