Animation of the earth from above, made from thousands of satellite images


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Haven’t we seen this before?


Looking for something. Just can’t seem to find it.



I’m reminded of being a child, sitting in the back seat on a long car ride, and watching the power lines move up and down while the scenery behind it moves by as a rapid blur.


I saw my house.




That hurt my eyes. Is it over?


something about the rough graininess cased by the terrain features and the jumpy, frantic, but simulateouly smooth movement reminded me of the scratch-on-film pieces


Is there like a 45 minute version somewhere, or am I just going to have to cut this into a loop?


whelp. thanks for the epileptic seizure.


You Happy Mutants worry about Facebook, et al, spying on your intertubes, but those of us with redneck yards (armpit-high weeds, project cars up on blocks, ‘salvaged’ building materials) fear the day when our city government employees finally, finally retire and are replaced by smarter people. Lazy bureaucrats who refuse to take computer classes can’t figure out to use satellite imagery to see who’s not pulling permits, but the new generations…uh, oh. We’ll be looking for that camouflage tarp stuff armies use to hide from aircraft.


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