Animator claims McDonald's commercial creator ripped him off

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“Treat” broadly defined. . . :expressionless:


Big cup of sugar with some milk tossed in

Well, there’s only so many ways that cows dance to that kind of music.


93% of the ad wasn’t plagiarized


Dear multi-billion dollar company that feeds us garbage. Please give Cyriak some money, you probably don’t even need to give him a 1/10th of what you paid the marketing agency that stole his creative ideas.


Eh… yeah it is pretty similar. Though I mean it is animated dancing cows… how many different ways can you make heads bobbing and knees bending? The Mc Donalds actually has the legs bend, vs reality bending in the art video.

So one is a commercial and one is… is… I don’t know what the other thing is. The few seconds of similar material is minor compared to the two overall videos, which are completely different.

At any rate, I doubt they vette stuff nearly as stringently in Latin America where it appears it was made. I doubt McDonalds had jack shit to do with it, it was an ad agency. Not sure if he has a case or not. Good luck if he choose to go after it.


Trying to remember the service that provided animations to accompany your playlist on your music disc - Microsoft? I distinctly remember a dancing sheep that moved that way.

Either way, I now realize that Lathe of Heaven is totally filmable.


You mean a remake/new adaptation is totally filmable right?

or the crappy redo in 2002:


It’s not quite as egregious as when McDonald’s ripped off the Kroffts to make McDonaldland, but it definitely looks close enough to make a credible claim.

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according to this they just did what the client (mcdonald’s) wanted.


I stand corrected. At least according to the internet (which is always true).

So did they change it enough?

When I worked at an ad agency clients routinely asked us to rip off everything. We often would attempt to replicate Getty images to avoid thousands in royalties. Nothing is sacred. It’s just gross when you see art appropriated as advertising, and even worse to be party to it.

Copying something as well known as Cyriak is insanely stupid for a major company though. They could just hire him.


Unfortunately this shit happens all the time. I used to work at a small design firm that had made one very iconic spot. For years - years! - clients would come to them and ask for a ripoff of their own work. “Hey do us another one like that one that made you famous.” And when they said no the clients would invariably go somewhere else and say “Hey do us one like that one that made these other guys famous.”


They should hire him! Can you imagine an entire McD’s campaign by Cyriak? :grinning:


lol Cyriak would scare the crap out of McDonalds customers. They part the ad agency copied was pretty much the only thing not nightmare inducing.

(Im a big Cyriak fan btw, my current fave is chimpnology)


Wonder if Cyriak is a fan of this old meme?

The badgers are in a field, arranged in a similar pattern, and similar knee bend dancing.


Im sure he likes Weebl’s Stuff, but when I first seen Cyriak’s animation, I did not think Weebl. If I had seen that McDonalds commercial, I would have immediately though Cyriak did the work.

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Oh look, another McRipoff. This is my McSurprised face.

Well, there is an improvement in the McDonalds cows; they actually bend their legs at the knee!. :slight_smile:

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