Announcing the audiobook for Unauthorized Bread: a DRM-free tale of DRM-locked appliances, refugees, and resistance


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I like bread and butter,
I like toast and jam,
That’s what my appliance feeds me,
I’m lovin’ it, man.

It don’t cook mashed potatoes,
It don’t cook T-bone steaks,
Don’t feed me peanut butter,
It knows that it can’t take.

Got home early one morning,
Much to my surprise,
It was cooking chicken and dumplings
With some hacked-in internet guy.

No more bread and butter,
No more toast and jam,
My appliance made unauthorized bread,
And now I’m in the can.


audible content only has DRM if you have trouble finding a certain bit of software called inaudible.


Is this going to turn into another “toast” thread?


There is nothing wrong with a toast thread whatsoever.




I was hoping, not hoping not.

Unauthorised bread is one thing. There is no such thing as unauthorised toast.


Somehow The Conquest of Unauthorized Bread just doesn’t have the same ring to it…


I think the message of that book is that there is no unauthorized bread once The Revolution happens.


The Toast Marketing Board might disagree.



I guess there may be a grain of truth in that.


Some real haters writing reviews at Google Play store. I bet they’re on Facebonk. Toast and its wonderful aroma courtesy of the Maillard reaction. It’s been told it’s the comforting smell just as you accept your own demise. No more stink of human existence.


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