Anonymous Klan member dump obviously bogus

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You don’t even have to piss off someone to get on disreputable mailing lists. I made an account on the Moonie Times website to troll them in the comments, and I’ve been getting right-wing nutter crap in my spam folder ever since.


I’ve often wondered what sort of mailing lists Lemony Snicket is on.



This seems like it was planned in order to preemptively discredit the upcoming Anonymous dump…


About a decade ago, a spammer used my domain name as part of a joe job. I still get email from random crazy mailing lists that people signed the addresses up to because of it.

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Yeah, my first guess was “SOMEONE wants us to not pay attention.”

But it also would not surprise me to see Anons going off half-cocked - Occam’s Razor suggests that’s the more likely reason. I tend to be a bit conspiracy-theory prone.

But! We shall see. Sometimes conspiracy theories are not entirely off-base.

The pseudonymous releaser of this list is known in some parts of the 'net for going after hate groups. “False flags” are a favourite rallying cry of the Internet, but it’s almost never the case.

Or, to put it a more pithy way: “Cock-up before conspiracy.”


I hear ya, and I usually don’t even keep tin foil in the house, but still…

It will be interesting to see if the lists match or if there is anyone on the first list that is not on the second…

Gray, the city’s Democratic mayor

Seems like that was added to add more credibility. The question is, is Gray a modern Democrat, or a self-described old-school Democrat or Conservative Democrat?

I know I’m throwing gas on the fire by saying it, but there’s a tiny grain of truth to the whole “Democrats are the racists” claim, at least in the rural Midwest (where I am). “Conservative Democrat” is a weasel phrase.

He’s a publicly gay Democrat. While it might not be at quite the same level as “being black”, “being gay” has traditionally been on the list of things that the Klan doesn’t like.


We call them “blue dogs” down where I am and you still get a few here in the rural parts of GA. But it’s also true that the Democrats as a party, since FDR have moved to the left on issues of race, gender, and sexual orientation (although I’d argue since the Clintons, they’ve moved right economically, in part to compensate for the perceived loss of white, male working class voters, which I’m not sure has done much good). Many of the democrats who were staunchly segregationists moved out of the party beginning in the 30s and 40s (see the rise of the Dixiecrats, for example with Strom Thrummond), and many more migrated beginning in the late 70s/ early 80s. Then again, Zell Miller never officially left the party, but stumped for the republicans in the 2000s. I believe the republicans basically abandoned him, though, once he outlived his usefulness.

There is also a serious problem in some progressive circles in denying that racism is an actually problem, and if only we fix the economic issue, we’ll have a utopia. Liberals can be just as racist as republicans, just in a different way.

So… yeah. I’m not sure where that leaves us. There are complicated ways of looking at these problems, but politics often demands clear cut answers, which we can’t really provide, I think without some complications.


Huh. So that makes you wonder what the game is, then. Probably just for the lulz. I mean, being gay doesn’t exclude him from being racist, yeah, but there’s no way he’s a Klansman.

That’s a sad truth.

There’s always the classic (which I’m not going to bother trying to attribute, 'cause I no longer believe ANY of the claims of first authorship): “Never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by incompetence.”

But my favorite is still a John Le Carre line from “The Russia House”:
“Which is it? The betrayal, or the fuck-up?”

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I wish more people could acknowledge this… But people like to get into circles of friends/colleagues/etc that reinforce their blindspots (which I’m probably being generous here, but yeah) rather than challenge them. I have friends who sit around deriding people who live in the suburbs (like myself), when they live in the city and are helping to contribute to a new round of gentrification that’s pushing out black and working class residents. Not that they shouldn’t live where they want, but still.

I dunno. People need to accept that they have blindspots and try to address them.


Back in the 90s, my friends used to see who could sign up the others for the most messed up mailing lists possible.

It’s cute what we would have considered to be messed up back then when you look at the net today… :fearful:

I wonder if it’s possible, there’s a real list coming, and this list is meant to distract and discredit?

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That’s the type of use case for which Gd invented Ten Minute Mail.

Keep in mind that these are different people/groups/Twitter accounts: Operation KKK said they were planning to release a list, then Amped Attacks actually did release a list, then Operation KKK said it wasn’t their list and they were still doing due diligence.

Both accounts are associated with Anonymous, so confused and/or pot-stirring journos have been simply describing them both as “Anonymous”–making it sound like Anonymous said they’d drop dox, then Anonymous did drop dox, then Anonymous repudiated the dox. But it’s actually clearer than that if you follow up.

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