Anonymous infiltrated the KKK by friending Blue Lives Matter supporters on Facebook


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I saw a cop wearing a Blue Lives Matter wristband. Should I be offended?

and listens for the response “AKIA”

Last time I buy any of their flat-pack Nazi-ass furniture.


I hope this provides some law enforcement agency some information that cracks a cold case. But … maybe it’ll go nowhere since he’s friends with the sheriff.


As a graphic designer, I can tell by the pixels that this has been faked. Where is your journalistic integrity? Fake news. Sad!


Waiting for Jeff Sessions name to pop up in Anonymous’ operation.


Also they got the skin color wrong on one those fellows. Sad indeed.



He said, “It was easy to go from a Blue Lives Matter account to a Klan account.”



I remember the Drunk History episode of that

Turns out publicly humiliating the klan is a longstanding tradition in this country


Punnily enough, I just watched that again for the umpteenth time over the weekend.

“Candy-gram for Mongo! Candy-gram for Mongo!”


That’s just soot from the cross burning they were doing!


I highly recommend Stetson Kennedy’s writings as well. Great stuff, if a bit depressing at times.


In related news, James O’Keefe has infiltrated the Democratic Party by pretending to befriend supporters of Black Lives Matter.


All that blonde pine. We should have suspected something.


In alt-reality:

Democrat: “We should ensure that companies have an obligation to pay back the government for the costs of supporting their workforce with social programs in lieu of adequate compensation”

Republican: “Stop using those dog whistle terms your party has a LIBERAL problem and you are supporting the LIBERALS by using terms such as obligation and social programs!”

Democrat: “There you go again… can’t have a conversation with a Republican without them calling all Democrats Liberals”


Pretty sure it’s already very well-known that Robert Ford was, in fact, the man who killed Jesse James

There’s a movie and everything


He even included the last digits of this social security number.

Holy shit, what an idiot.


You make a good point – does anybody know if Anonymous is currently going after the Trump administration? Them taking down Trump would probably be the best possible cherry on top of the 21st Century weirdness we seem to be getting deeper into the midst of.


Didn’t one of the boingboing bloggers post a few weeks ago sort of an open request for “White Knight hackers” to come to the rescue, so to speak?