Anonymous threatens ISIS, tells government to "step aside"


[quote=“GrymRpr, post:18, topic:69382, full:true”]Well, Anonymous does have an “Official” Youtube channel and this is not on it.
Maybe another fake.[/quote]

Anonymous, we have long been told, is anyone who wishes to claim the mantle. At its most extreme interpretation, those who wish to be part of Anonymous and declare themselves to be so are part of Anonymous.

How does one tell fake from authentic in that case? And is it even possible to discuss fake and authentic under these terms?


Fake Anonymous? How post modern.


So a bit like ISIS then?


Interesting Ted talk about the washing machine and the ways it can effect a society:
The Magic Washing Machine


There’s an article on the front page right now about how individual ISIS members are heavily involved with social media. It seems like Anonymous specializes in attacks like that (as much as it can be said to specialize in something). I could imagine this actually doing some damage, even if only to ISIS morale.

Or this could just get in the way of the world’s intelligence agencies. But it seems like intelligence agencies are more interested in gathering information, so you wind up with organizations where every member is informing on every other member, and no one ever gets arrested.


Is there any meaning to the “step aside” comment?


Which assclowns do you mean? :stuck_out_tongue:


Coincidentally, this is exactly how membership in ISIS works.


Rather than saying it, do it.
I’ll be impressed when something impressive happens.


Governments of the world, if you want to defeat ISIS, all you must do is step aside.

Anonymous can’t see how anyone could possibly live without the internet.

The worst case scenario is that they doxx the wrong people and things get ugly. On the other hand, would be fascinating to have a trove of all of the communications sent via some terrorist homebrew cryptography product that has been thoroughly hacked.


If only.


“We are smug Libertarian ur-dorks.”


Ah. Divining the meaning of that part is simple:


I could think of worse ways for Anonymous to spend their time



Can washing machines actually create societies?


It means “Pardon me while I whip this out - you ladies in the front will need to stand back.”


It’s hard for me to fathom exactly how that tactic is supposed to play out, even in an Anonymous member’s imagination.

Islamic State stronghold, Northern Iraq:

ISIS Cell Leader: Report!
ISIS Lieutenant #1: Commander! The airstrikes have stopped!
ISIS Lieutenant #2: The coalition forces are retreating!
ISIS Lieutenant #3: Amid is missing. We just found a note in his bunk explaining that he was a double agent working for the CIA and he’s abandoned his mission to flee! It says that the infidel-backed government has ceded control of the entire region!
ISIS Cell Leader: Praise be to Allah! We have defeated the infidels. Let us spread the message of our triumph to followers of the true faith around the world. Bashir, post this to our blog immediately—
ISIS Lieutenant #1: GASP—commander, the browser window…
ISIS Lieutenant #2: It’s full of titties!


Hmmm - this MIGHT just work…

ISIS Cell Leader: What is this? Facebook says Achmed is in relationship with Muhammad!
ISIS Lieutenant #1: Facebook?! It lies, commander! I only use it to find funny goat pictures!
ISIS Lieutenant #2: Why would I be with Achmed when we have 14 year old sex slaves out back?
ISIS Cell Leader: Silence. Facebook has exposed your perversions. According to the Koran you must be put to death! Guards - take them away!


I don’t recall him saying that in the video.


Interesting Ted talk about the washing machine and the ways it can effect a society:

I was just being difficult :smile:

(To effect something can mean to set up or create it)