Anonymous threatens ISIS, tells government to "step aside"


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I guess I wish them luck, but I kind of doubt a would-be suicide bomber is really going to be intimidated by the idea of someone hacking their Tumblr feed.


Have Anonymous achieved much against their various targets?


Maybe the greatest Facebook comment ever. Per. Fec. Tion.

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) November 16, 2015


My money’s on Wonder Woman.


That washing machine will never menace the world again!


Did Anonymous’ KKK info dump ever cause chaos, as many assumed it would? To me, it seemed to land with a thud and nothing more. But they’re gearing up to cause chaos with ISIS? While I wish them luck, I’m not convinced of a triumphant outcome.


Bravado is fun, isn’t it?


oh no, these digital AK-47s are as good as toast!


It didn’t. A big part of it being that the list was heavily comprised of people who made no secret of their links to white supremacist organizations.


Freeing the women of the world from misogynistic chores one at a time!


Shouldn’t ISIS be encouraged to relax and not be overly worried about their digital resources being “hacked” so it will be easier to spy on them?

I would be in favor of the “martyrs” being doxed and seeing anything that would discredit them show them acting as something other than pious Muslims be exposed.


I suspect the idea that if digital resources are crippled then the would be suicide bomber never becomes influenced to become a real suicide bomber. The idea is not to intimidate but to block the hateful communication. Now that is a rather narrow approach (as are many of the others being taken) but who knows if it might help. Also there are so many outside ISIS that have taken up the work of hateful communication that Anonymous might have to target Mr Trump et al. as well.


Thread’s over. Shut it down.


In that case they shouldn’t be threatening to hack ISIS, they should just do it.

Threats only make strategic sense if they are intimidating enough to dissuade people from doing the Really Bad Things they were planning to do. Otherwise they’re just a way of sending ISIS a heads-up about making sure to use data encryption and strong password protection.


Can we stop acting like these assclowns are worth celebrating or paying attention to?


So, what are you waiting for? Hack them already.
It’s not like your exposing corporations as evil and insecure. ISIS isn’t a nation. It wouldn’t even be illegal to hack them. Do it or stop threatining, that’s just impotent.
Imagine if Anonymous actually did take down some of ISISs computer resources. They would be from page news, but these days they are just the butt of twitter jokes.


Well, Anonymous does have an “Official” Youtube channel and this is not on it.
Maybe another fake.


I doubt they will do much good, but I hope they fuck those daesh fuckers up to the best of their ability.


Besides the toothless bravado, some of the major anon groups tackling IS online are far right outfits. Anon isn’t politically trustworthy in these efforts, to say nothing of their efficacy.