Anonymous vs. Ghosthunter YouTube kayfabe somehow rules the web for a day

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I was manning the door for the trick or treaters last night, and in a literally last-minute decision, popped on my Guy Fawkes / Anonymous mask and a grey hoodie. I had two kids refer to me as a hacker, and probably a dozen freak out about seeing the Game Master. I guess this explains that… a bit.


I think I understand this. The guy behind the mask…told women to lie about him paying them money to lie about Mueller? Is that right?

It’s masks all the way down.

I don’t understand.

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I understood most of those words, and yet…


kayfabe will destroy us all

likely cage-match style.


Who is Game Master?

In a related note, I saw multiple instances of the same costume last night that I simply didn’t recognize. Maybe it was Fortnight? I don’t know.

I am old.


Not to Trumpify every thread, but that rings so true. Trump’s footage from WWE fights being recycled into political ads truly dissolved the fuzzy line between faux-bloodsport and political grandstanding. Even down to the way that everyone knows that Republicans would drop the pro-Trump stance the minute it hurt their electability to the way crowd sizes/relative outrage are somehow being prized as the currency of legal legitimacy (see the Audience as Character section of the linked wikipedia article). If there’s some kind of official historical listicle of “one word to describe each presidency” nothing seems better than kayfabe for the era we are living through.

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I feel twenty years too old to understand a word of this.


No grandpa! No grandpa! You’re the grandpa!

See, the real mark of the clueless Old is when you look at the confusing nonsense the kids are into and assume that there is something to “get”. But that is to forget that everything is confusing to kids, because they just got here, so when they pay attention to stuff, it’s not because they understand it; they’re just like cats reacting to a laser pointer, and they need a lot of stimulation. And when kids themselves make stuff, there’s nothing to “get” because it wouldn’t even occur to them that there should be.

As a mature person, the heuristic you should be using is that the more chaotic and backstoried a topic is, the less it matters. It usually means the topic is nonsense at root (like Lost), and even if it’s not, no one will ever take the time to care, so it still doesn’t matter (like an overly-detailed typewritten 300-page conspiracy exposé that happens to be true).



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