Another day in America, another pig's head left outside a Muslim community center


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Do it properly guys. Strap explosives to yourself and blow yourselves up. You’re being halfassed terrorists with this crap.


When it comes to “Another day in America, another ___” scenarios, “pig’s head outside a Muslim community center” is one of the least awful possibilities, sad to say.


Nothing new. . . except for the fact that the GOP front-runner is campaigning on this kind of thing.


The media has been spending so much time covering the whole radicalization angle of the San Bernardino shooters, but it seems like few people are pointing out how much Trump, Fox News, and all their friends are inciting this kind of behavior with all the lying, fearmongering, and tough guy posturing they’ve been doing.

Even when it seems pretty cut and dry that the Planned Parenthood shooter was inspired by the videos from the Center for Medical Progress and conservative anti-abortion rhetoric, there’s still not enough focus on this point.


Even when the people who commit hate crimes explicitly cite Trump as their inspiration.


Muslims! Crazy people want to “pork” you to death. Whateverthefuck.


They didn’t even get it right.

Muslims refrain from pork, but not because pigs are sacred.

I am sure they are bothered by the gesture, but it falls way short of sacrilege.


Still, ick. Who wants a dead animal’s head on their doorstep? That’s gross.

They could do the flaming paper bag poop thing. That’s hardcore.


Ask a pig head
anything you want to
they might answer
but they can’t think

Pig heads, pig heads
roly poly pig heads
pig heads, pig heads
my country’s dumb


heh. Yup. More like a “Christ, what an idiotic and bigoted asshole” “Now I have to clean up this gross pig’s head” type move.


Because, you know, Jesus.



These sort of things are not that uncommon anymore. This happened like 20 minutes away from me


This is worth reposting:


Why did he immediately (and repeatedly) apologize to “Reverends” and “people from the religious communities,” though? Is there some religion that forbids calling anyone an asshole?


Christ, what about “asshole?”


That’s a photo of a pig’s head?


I know some heads of state who don’t mind the odd pig’s head, but I’m sure most people wouldn’t appreciate it.


pip pip, cheerio, bob’s your uncle.