Texans threaten to cover land with pigs’ blood to block Muslim cemetery


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They way those people have presented their plan and the reasons for it, it sounds like they’re covering the area with the remains of pigs to keep out the remains of humans.

I don’t think they’ve thought this through.


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What? I don’t even… the stupid, it burns.


[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:62079”]
“When somebody dies they bury them at that time. They don’t know whether they were shot, diseased or anything else. All they do is wrap them in a sheet from the grave and bury them,” Troy Gosnell told the local CBS station.
[/quote]You better be absolutely certain about those pigs you want to shoot and leave their pathogens sitting on top of the goddamned ground then, jacknuts.


They used to grow onions there. They sure enough don’t want to be growing pig blood.


What the what.

Has Texas become the new Florida and I didn’t notice?
Do I need to start a Texas Man twitter account?


And yet I’m going to guess these same people would have no problem with their water being poisoned by fracking. Because 'Murica.


Did someone watch “Carrie” too many times?

They should find a local imam to laugh and say that the prohibition against pork applies to LIVING people and dumping pig’s blood on the land will not in any way make it less suitable for a cemetery.


Too many zombie movies methinks.


The reason why this idea was proposed is that pork prohibition is probably not the only thing they got wrong about Islam.



A group of bigots from my home-town tried the same stunt by burying a whole pig to stop the construction of a mosque.

The local imam commented the stunt with a jolly “Those people know fuck shit about Islam. Do they think pigs are magical? Pigs are haram, we do not eat it, but we can touch them, and certainly they are not magical barriers.”


Stay classy and as dumb as a picture of a box of rocks, Texas.


It’s a joke. (dark humor)

Traditionally, Muslims do not use caskets (unless mandated by Local/State Law). They simple bury the body wrap in a cotton shroud. I’m not even sure if they have a 6 foot rule. Which may be the reason for choosing a small town for the cemetery location. Not as many restrictive laws on the books as in a large city.

Perfect conditions for growing something.


Damn, Texas, what the ever-loving fuck.


I’m pretty sure Christians don’t have a ‘6 foot rule’ either - that’s a zoning rule, not an ecclesiastical one. In the absence of zoning rules as to depth of burial, Christians would be just as free as anyone else to use shallower graves.


I think that someone might have misunderstood the phrase “salting the earth.” Although, salt + pork = bacon. So maybe it isn’t about being hateful bigots, but actually about just about their right to enjoy bacon?


these same people would have no problem with their water being poisoned by fracking

You mean Freedom Juice? Plants crave it.


Brawndo, the religious freedoms mutilator.