Another truck rips its roof of on the infamous 11foot8bridge


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Way to blow through that red light. The van before him wasn’t any better.


They could add signs for 20 miles in advance calling it an 8-foot bridge and we’d still see careless truckers turning it into a jumbo can opener.


Given that the driver ran a red and then slinked away afterward, I’m guessing either inebriated or exhausted.


Why don’t they go around it?

Asking for a fried…





Dukes of Hazzard wasn’t a documentary The truck would never survive.


so this is #124 on film, i wonder how many have happened since the bridge was made, and i wonder how many more are going to happen before they just decide to raise the damn bridge height already.



Looks expensive.

They need to install a camera on the other side to get a clear view of the drivers faces …


It was so bad that it knocked him 90 years into the past! :wink:

I think, going forward, most or all of these will be doozies: what with additional warnings and new traffic light, one almost has to deliberately fuck this one up.

EDIT: My favorite part of these videos (I know, It’s funny when it’s not me; schadenfreude) is when the backup alert comes on. This particular one, I wondered if he was also going to take out the “walk/don’t walk” light when he backed up.


Looks like maybe that is a rental truck? I wonder how many of them are people who have rented big trucks on their own to do some moving vs professional truck drivers? I could see myself doing something totally like that without thinking. It’s been a long time since I’ve rented a truck, but I don’t even recall if they make you look them in the eye when (if?) they explain the clearance of the vehicle you rented and things to be cautious of.


Missed it by that much…:astonished:


Different bridge, but the Westwood PD channel also features a very hungry bridge, if you enjoy watching these sorts of things (and I really really do). My favorite is their “lobsterpocalypse” video:


You are so right. People tend not to check when driving rental trucks and RVs. Both of those vehicle types make me so paranoid, I write the limit on a note stuck to the dashboard.

I learned from someone else’s mistake. Once when I was working in a Philly office building, my team heard a crash from the street below. A man driving a Budget rental truck tore half the roof open trying to drive under an overpass. The office windows were above the scene, and what was left of the truck’s roof was bent like an accordion pleat.

We watched as he backed up, and got out to look at the damage. My teammates started joking, “So much for the Budget.” Others were speculating about the limits on the credit card used for the rental, and whether or not he took the optional insurance. Scary.


I saw 28:35 for the time and was like, noooope not gonna watch all that… It just kept going though, I couldn’t stop watching it. Why does the guy spend so much time just hanging out in the cab with a fire growing behind him. He doesn’t have to kick out a window he just opens the door eventually when the cops show up and steps out of the burning vehicle so nonchalantly you’d think he does this on a daily basis. I give the video 5 out of 7 cats, would watch again.

The other video series that is shades of this is the series of people with bikes mounted to the top of their cars driving into parking garages and destroying their bicycle mounted to the top of their cars rack. It doesn’t quite have the perfect ripping the lid off a can sound effect of this video, but it still leaves me cringing and watching more.


Appeared to belong to a company called “Budget moving”. So not a rental truck, just someone who should know better (and someone who shouldn’t be running red lights in the first place)


My favorite version will always be the one with the Rocky theme. Frickin’ inspiring.


If you look around the internet you’ll find multiple descriptions of why they can neither raise the bridge nor lower the street below it without spending millions of dollars.