Antarctica: Scientist stabs colleague who kept spoiling the endings of books for him


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“because” is such a strong word. That camel was holding quite a bit on its back before that bit of straw was loaded on there. Being isolated in Antarctica, though, I’d imagine the appeal of some good, unspoilt reading would be heightened, as would annoying tendencies. Manners and spoiler tags are never more important when you are daily trying the patience of the few around you just by existing in an enclosed space.


I’ve read accounts of day to day life at McMurdo. It gets weird, I guess being indoors so much and so isolated. Takes a certain type to handle the strain.

Mentioned was occasionally someone will just wander off the base. Sometimes they get 7 or 10 miles into the frozen waste before they catch them.


Now there’s a surprise ending!


“First goddamn week of winter.”


On one hand this is hilarious. On the other hand… well, it’s still hilarious.


The victim is recuperating in Chile. The stabber is being held in St. Petersburg.

Good work, keep them the f@#k away from each other.



I see nothing wrong with this…


“…and after the great winter battle, after which 90% of the cast dies, the dying night king whispers into Jon’s ear that they were in a malfunctioning Dyson sphere all along.”



You speak as if constantly spoiling the endings of books and movies isn’t justification for a little stabbing.

Sure, it’s not justification for murder, but attempted murder?? Seems fine.


Some friendships are tricky.


Bruce Willis is dead.


My wife and I were laughing at this last night! We have a friend who complains that her husband does the same.

Perhaps we should check on them from time to time…




Wilford Brimley’s reaction to the stabbing…


The most Antarctic violence that ever arctic’d an ant. Or some such thing.

It is thematically perfect, is what I’m saying. He needs a jury of his peers, no one would convict.


Completely, utterly, totally, and in all other ways, justified.


Exactly. It’s not like the guy could just hike to the nearest library and get another book.