Antarctica's Blood Falls mapped and analyzed a century after discovery


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“You’re looking for Blood Falls? Just head over that way, and turn left at the Mountains of Madness.”


Does it bestow immortality (and a thirst for blood)?

I expects immortality.


I guess it won’t be there forever.


How very Wozzeck


An inspiration for the aftermath of NGE’s 2nd Impact?


There is one blood river in Spain, at southwest, in Andalucía. It’s called Río Tinto.


Note to Americans. The “c” in Antarctica is not silent. (And there’s only one “a” in triathlete)


Vampire’s love that place.


0/10 travel destination. Euphoria gave way to disappointment when I discovered the falls were not actual blood.


The bottled water industry is missing an opportunity.


You hear that, mister president? That’s the earth bleeding out of her whatever.


(clearing throat, dusting off puns…)

Don’t taste me, bro!

Brad The Impaler.

From Dunst Till Dawn.


Is today goth day at Boing Boing…

I mean, it is a Thursday!


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