Anti-vaxxers spin wild theories about Justin and Hailey Bieber

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TikTok also became a petri dish for such conspiracy-mongering content.

pretty sure that in the case of TikTok that’s a peach tree …dish.


Anti-vaxxers are like the plaque-spreading ghouls from the old pulp magazines, ones who were put in some mad scientist’s time machine and sent to the future.


Frustrated Stephen Colbert GIF


“Everybody pretending the 16 people who’ve died from falling out of hot air balloons since 2002 weren’t vaccine impaired. The denial is way too deep…”


Wait, is there even any evidence at all??


At this point, I’m surprised that a fundamentalist of some sort hasn’t come out in opposition to medical treatment of any kind:
“It’s God’s Will this happened to you! If God wants you healed of it, then healed you shall be! Going to the doctor is trying to subvert the Will of God!”

Or some such.
Only good thing about this subset of a cult is that it probably won’t last long.

On a similar note, the Texas GOP is meeting for the next few days to decide their platform.
They always try to out-do the previous one, so I am sure it will be quite apalling.

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This cult comes close.


Well, the issue is connected to Shingles, a side-effect of the chicken pox virus, which begs the question, was Beiber ever vaccinated against chicken pox?
I picked up chicken pox many years ago, but got away with a relatively light dose, with little scarring, and fortunately I’ve not suffered from shingles, which after the stress of the last fifteen months is a good thing.

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I got chicken pox the good old-fashioned way, pre-vaccine, but I got the shingles vaccine (Shingrix) when it became available. Highly recommended. Shingles can be really nasty.


Vaccine approval in Canada wasn’t until 1998, and first universal rollout was in 2000. Beiber’s 28 (‽) so that’s kind of moot.


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