Anti-violence activists charged in violent attack




Stop the violence OR ELSE!!!1!11!


You know how that always goes (for anything at all). For you, not me.


I never expected anyone to fulfill an old joke I used to make (which probably wasn’t original for all I know): “I’m a pacifist and if you say otherwise, I’ll beat the crap out of you!”


And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away his stuff whenst moving out of thine apartment, don’t hold back a farewell party either. But to those who wouldst smiteth others in the name of peace, I say unto thee, “Christ, what assholes.”



Special Bonus: This will allow anybody so inclined to dismiss all anti-bullying programs; in fact, they can probably find a way to make it be about gun control.


Yeah, these jackasses just gave their nominal enemies a nice talking point. I’d use it.


Kinda like anti-gun state senator Jamilah Nasheed who got arrested carrying a loaded gun.


Perfect timing!


Vomiting blood and left unconscious? Pft, that’s called “Thursday” around here.


See, this sort of thing leads to my theory that other people want to limit others from violent games, knives, swords, guns, etc etc do so because they lack some sort of self control. If they were presented with such things they would end up using them. So they assume everyone is like that too.

YMMV. I am not a licensed psychiatrist. I am probably full of shit, bit it is a point to ponder.


If they had guns it wouldn’t have happened!!


Don’t worry – this is the Internet!


These are just the people to teach Alanis Morissette the definition of “irony,” in the greenhouse with a pipe wrench.


Why the greenhouse?


Oh my god, you’re right, I meant the conservatory.


As a teen, I worked at a surplus store (general goods). There were one or two of us at any one time, and I was surprised at the owner’s attitude. He stood watching us on every break, to make sure no merchandise flowed out the back door. He checked every bag of employee purchases against the receipt stapled to it. After seeing him routinely cheat the franchise owners by keeping two sets of books, and various other scoundrelisms, I finally clued in. If he were an employee, that’s what he would do. Steal. “How sad”, I thought.


See, that’s “projection.” And it’s always been suggested that guilty people want to be punished, which is why they have such lousy poker faces and gambler’s “tells.” The thief accuses others of stealing, the cheat accuses others of cheating, the liar accuses others of lying, and slanderer accuses others of slander, the arsonist accuses others of setting fires. Even smart people make this basic mistake.


Slightly less weighty than cobalty.