Jogger's fitness tracker captures how she fought off an attacker


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This planet really does suck sometimes…


I figured the gun rights groups would have jumped on this story (e.g., “If she had a gun the assault wouldn’t have happened!”) but the claim by the bathroom bill people threw me for a loop. Wow.


Between fighting off the rapist and fighting off the opportunistic bigots, Ms. Herron is an early frontrunner for Seattle’s BAMF of the Year award.


Considering attacks like this essentially blow their whole argument out of the water, it is strange for them to use it as evidence. Rapists do attack women and children in restrooms and exactly none of them have “dressed up like a woman,” because all that would do is make them more conspicuous. It’s almost as if the stated reason for these bathroom bills has nothing whatsoever to do with which their backers actually object…


Such a classy logo they’ve got there. Completely befitting of a group that would take a totally random attack unrelated to their cause and politicize the living Christ out of it.


That explains the new “Beatdown of misogynist scum” activity on Strava.


This is almost on my doorstep.

I’ve also seen some attempts to use this attack to further demonize homeless people in this neighborhood.


That’s the kind of sanity we need!


“I fought for my life screaming (“Not today, MFer!”)"


Yep, don’t forget the mentally ill, any act of violence always brings someone out of the woodwork to scapgoat and malign the mentally ill. If the person isn’t a person of color, and is white, then they must be mentally ill or at least transgender or gay right? grrrrrrr.

It is almost like there is an official bias scapegoat list they move through…all the groups of people who regularly face violence and discrimination, get their turn being blamed. i mean it just couldn’t be a regular white male…


Make America Sane Again.


This story is the best for her battle cry:

“All I kept screaming during the attack was, 'Not today, motherf***er.”



Good luck with that…

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