Any opinions on Boost Mobile wifi?

To make a long story short, I’m considering switching from Netzero wireless broadband to Boost Mobile. Netzero’s been okay, but I’m having Customer Service and hotspot activation issues, and it’s pricey ($64 for 4 GB per month.)

Boost Mobile may be able to activate the Netgear Fuse/Aircard 779s device I got from Netzero on their network with 10 GB for $50 a month. Over twice the data I’m getting now for less money-- it sounds awesome. And AFAIK, both companies run off the Sprint network, so performance should be the same. But I have no experience with Boost, so I can’t tell if this offer is too good to be true.

If anybody can chime in on whether Boost’s a good deal, please share! I’d really appreciate it.


I can’t tell you anything about this deal, but when I worked for radioshack back in 2009, Boost had just come out with the $50/month unlimited talk and text plan and totally ate the postpaid carrier’s lunch.

Sprint offered like 2000 minutes for $160/mo, and AT&T offered 1800 minutes for $140/mo.

Obviously economically disadvantaged folks would come in, and I’d only get commission for selling Postpaid plans, but they’d look at the Boost pamphlet see that infinity is bigger than any finite number, and that $50 is a smaller number than $140 and pick that.

Eventually I was fired for not selling enough postpaid plans. It’s really hard to sell shitty deals when a good deal is on the next peg over, literally.


Thank you! (And yeah, commissions and retail sales goals can stink. One of my former employers used to constantly pressure us on loyalty card/membership signups, despite our having a large base of regular customers who could only join once a year. :frowning_face: )

Money’s a concern, but I’m also worried about reliable service and customer support issues. Is bandwidth throttled after a certain point? Do plan features and/or prices get changed constantly? If I’m having a problem, can I get a hold of somebody right away, and do they know enough to fix it quickly? I tried Googling reviews of their service, but it didn’t really help me.


I’ve been using Boost for about a year. Totally happy with the bandwidth and coverage. I get 5gig of data for $35 a month (normally $40, butt If you set up autopay, they give you a discount of $5 a month, which I do). I rarely ever use it all. I have to pay an extra $10 a month, I think, if I want to turn my phone into a hotspot, but I’ve done it when we lost power in the house and needed connectivity.


You might find this useful:


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