Apartment complex employee suspended for barring black residents from swimming pool

She could have held a line of being racist with an “I’m not being racist” out, if there are genuine enforced rules against residents bringing any guests (assuming the young woman’s two friends were guests and not roommates/neighbors). I sincerely doubt they have or enforce such a rule.
They advertise as being “student friendly” and the description of the pool amenities screams “bring guests” (in addition to which, the pool’s architecture leaves no room to interpret it as a lap pool (I was raised by a swimmer and lap swimmers are notoriously territorial towards, well, everyone)):

  • Lazy River To Tube and Relax
  • Large 30+ Person Hot Tub
  • Outdoor Gaming Area
  • 20-foot outdoor Jumbotron TV
  • Fire Pit
  • Charcoal Grills

Leaving zero room for others to defend her.

These days “suspended” feels like, we’re going to say this now and wait to see if anyone announces a protest march to our front gate, in which case we’ll claim to have now thoroughly reviewed the issue and decided to fire her. Even though “review” took all of 15 seconds to go, “yup, she called a paying tenant a bitch.”


“I do know everybody. Bitch, you haven’t even come in and done your paperwork, right?”
Them’s firing words in everybody else’s book. Cannot wait to see how this turns out.

When I think Christian, I want to think of Fred and not Karen. It’s getting tough though.


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