White woman blocks black man from entering his own apartment building

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Hallway Hilary.

We’re going to run out of letters.


Hall Monitor Hilary, as a second option…


Her employer, a real estate firm named Tribeca-STL, released a statement saying that it was a minority-owned company and that it had fired her after viewing the video.



It pisses me off so much that people in this situation always have to be so polite and restrained. As a white woman, being able to tell someone to fuck right off is a privilege I wish I could share with Mr. Toles.


I saw this and it blew my fucking mind.

Mind you’re own fucking business, people. Jesus Christ. Everyone is a hall monitor all of a sudden?


These videos remind of a scene in the film And the Band Played On by HBO Films with matthew Modine about the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. Specifically this exchange…

Blood Bank executive: Is the CDC seriously suggesting that the blood industry spends $100M a year to use the test for the wrong disease because we have a handful of transfusion fatalities and eight dead hemophiliacs?

Dr. Don Francis: How many dead hemophiliacs do you need? How many people have to die to make it cost effecient for you people to do something about it? A hundred? A thousand? Give us a number so we won’t annoy you again until the amount of money you begin spending on lawsuits make it more profitable for you to save people than to kill them.

I ask every white person who keeps saying there is no bigotry and racism in America and decrying fake news or people being thin skinned, or whatever excuse they trot out…What’s the number? How many of these videos do you need to prove to you that casual and institutional racism is a very real thing? I swear I’ve seen 1000 of them at this point if I’ve seen 1…and I think I am low on that number.

So…exactly how many examples of racism do you need to see to admit there is a fucking problem?


The frequency of this sort of behavior is truly shocking. I guess eventually it will sink in that you just shouldn’t do this.

I thought I saw a few seconds of ‘this is going to end up on the internet, isn’t it’ in her eyes on the elevator.

Before cell phones, did people just flagrantly act like assholes with no fear whatsoever of repercussions?

Never mind, I know they did. I was there.


The issue isn’t that. If she were a “hall monitor” she’d be blocking ANYONE walking in, different issue::different problem.

She just stopped the black guy.


Oh I can just hear a LOT of white viewers of this video answering back at you on that.

What are you even TALKING about? Didn’t you hear all the reasons she had to be suspicious of that person? He wouldn’t even let her introduce herself as a friendly neighbor! I think we’re just lucky to have people like her watching out for other people in this world, and PC culture is stopping you from seeing that. (etc etc ad nauseam)


We don’t have to!




These snippets of racists being caught doing what they have always done is in someways a positive thing, they provide the public service announcement [PSA] for the rest of the human race of what not to do. My hope is that it sinks in…

I intensely feel sorrow for the afflicted in so many ways, it’s just horrific…



I’ve been on the receiving end of this kind of love before. I saw that the neighbor left their keys in their door and I decided to be friendly and knocked their door to let them know. The TV inside is muted and there’s dead silence, I assume that they see me through the peep hole in the door. I knock again. I wait, then I give up and proceed with my business. Next thing you know the police showed up. I stepped out of my apartment and had to explain what I was trying to do, they were gone within a minute. That was a couple of years ago but the whole thing still makes my blood boil.


Kinda surprising that she got in the elevator with him. Such white bravery!



“I just want to say for the record that I’m Hilary and I wanted to welcome you to the building and introduce myself because my racist bet turned out poorly and now I know I’m going to end up going viral on the internet and I want to save as much face as possible.”


The way she fluctuated back and forth on the question of whether he might live there was surprising to me: “I’m going home” – “Okay, but who are you on your way to visit?”


Also, I wonder how the initial misunderstanding happened. He said he’d already buzzed in. That’s an event that’d be tough to miss (loud beep, clack of the door lock). She said she’d get out of the way if he demonstrated his key fob, so how was she unaware that he’d done it?

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It sounded like she was stepping out at the same time he was stepping in. He may have buzzed in as the door was opening. She she probably believed he was stepping in just because he saw an open doorway.