Apollo 11 tracksuit

“Ralphie, show everybody what Aunt Clara gave you.”


You want it.

shipping and handling…

I guess they’re fine, if you don’t mind people asking why you’re running in your pajamas.

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That’s BAD! :smile: And I can give only one like! :frowning:

Nope, too expensive. I regularly buy stuff from Singapore, Hong Kong, Mailand China, Japan, Canada, the US and all over Europe. No where is shipping so expensive AND slow and unreliable as in the US (Canada comes close second). I got the impressions that shop owners and retailers (which are not used to shipping overseas) often just guess how much shipping to different parts of the world costs and just show their estimates.

It seems even in this context there is some sort of US superiority complex going on because their estimates are based on the assumption that the US has the “best infrastructure in the world” and Europe is some quasi Fall-Out-esque stone age wasteland where goods are still transported with armed guardians on horse drawn carriages.

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You’re half right. Retailers in NA aren’t very familiar with international shipping. The second half is that the shipping companies don’t make is easy to estimate the shipping. Oh, they’ll get it there. But the cost and delivery times are so frustrating compared to domestic shipping, many retailers don’t bother to market internationally (and add a big handling charge to deal with the hassle). Thus the cycle continues.

Armstrong looks high as hell there.

They missed the opportunity to make a hoodie “helmet”.


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