Apple store siege ends with gunman run over while pursuing fleeing hostage

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Love all the green dots afterwards.


Wouldn’t it be cool if, instead of a K9 unit, they deployed cats and they just shred the gentleman’s clothes?


Yes. Yes, it would.


Im assuming the cops were driving that car and that some people might whine about excessive force, but… if you are going to crime, sorry pal, you deserve it, especially how he was chasing after the hostage.


“Filmed on iPhone.”


I would have liked to see them run him over with the robot too, just to rub it in.


Yikes. He won’t do that again…


Soccer Win GIF by Football Australia



Less than a ten minute walk from my house. It was a police car that ran him over - an armored BMW. He also had what appeared to be an explosive vest, although it’s unclear if they were real or not.

And last week, the police helicopters were out because a couple of armed robbers tried to get away by jumping in the Amstel and swimming away…


“Sir, we can’t get you $200M in Bitcoin, but… how about $18,000 in Melania Crypto?”

I wonder, at the end with all those lasers, how one officer could know it is THEIR laser dot on his forehead. Maybe different colours?


“this is the bomb refusing[???}, this is a guy. i don’t know if he’s dead or just KO”


Pretty sure this won’t be considered excessive force, since he was armed, apparently had an explosive belt (probably a fake, but the cops have to assume it’s real), and ultimately survived his arrest. I suspect in the US the stand-off would have been a lot shorter, and would have ended with both the criminal and the hostage dead, plus a couple of injured law officers or bystanders. Cops in Europe DO shoot when necessary, it’s the “when necessary” part that is considered differently.


It’s the only dot he would see as a dot instead of a line. Otherwise they got all their spacing wrong.

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Also, cars are designed to minimize damage to pedestrians. For accidental impacts, that is, though I imagine this suspect benefitted at least a little. In any case, I’m not sympathetic, though I was wondering about what appears to be a huge spoiler on the back of the cop car. Maybe just the hatch? Looked weird for a police vehicle.

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“Best we can do is a Bored Ape, but you can pick from 4 different hats! That’s fun!”

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Appalling - don’t they teach anything about kerning and the correct use of space these days?

Not anymore, he just died in the hospital without having gained consciousness :frowning:

Wait until he finds out heaven is just an NFT.

And I kinda don’t care…

If you figure out a clever way to steal from megacorp apple that doesn’t involve traumatizing other customers or worker bees to make a point about how exploitative and gross the company is, I’m not going to get too worked up about that.

If you take innocent hostages, make people fear for their lives, then chase down (obv. intending to do harm) to one trying to book it for their lives, then there’s a line that was crossed, and I’m siding with the people who are going to run you over with a car, or follow through on the shot when they get a clear one.

so… moral relativism I guess?