April 2nd is the 10th Anniversary of the historic reforms of the draconian 2009 Rockefeller Drug Laws

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I knew someone who got arrested for a roach under these at 18 - she could have gone to jail for 7 years. Fortunately - she was able to hire a lawyer associated with the youth center she went to in HS.


The headline and this sentence are confusing. The Rockefeller drug laws were enacted in 1973. This is the tenth anniversary of the reforms, which happened in 2009.


Thank you. I thought the draconian laws were only in effect for 5-10 minutes.


A special podcast was just posted on DPAs Drugs & Stuff featuring Terrance Stevens of “In Arms Reach” . Tony Papa talks about the 10th Anniversary and the history of the Rock Laws. Please listen to it. Here is the link https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/katharine-heller-2/drugs-stuff-a-podcast-about-drugs-harm-reduction-mass-incarceration

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