Dark times ahead!

How dark of a timeline is this that these feel like relatively big wins.


If you think we’re in a horrible timeline now, try being a Jew in Eastern Europe in the late 30s or 40s, or black in a slave state in the American South prior to emancipation.

I make this point not as an attack, but to provide a frame of reference, and hopefully some degree of antidote to this notion that we live in “the worst times ever,” which is hardly the case. Yes we have big problems, no, they are absolutely not the worst humanity has faced.

Hell, humans have experienced major climate change events even, without modern tech, and still lived on. And yes we have the rise of fascism in our world — but it hardly matches the rise of Japanese and German and Italian (etc.) fascism from the 20th Century.

I really think we need to get off this “we’re in the woooorst timeline” tip — I really don’t think it serves us well, and in fact is likely what the “dark forces” are trying to coax us into believing, this reinforcing the idea that it’s unstoppable. No, we can absolutely defeat idiocy in our age — if we’re up to it.




No, we haven’t. Please stop spreading this nonsense. Humans had never to face such rapid changes happening globally. Everything else was on a far smaller scale and localized. And quite often the afflicted civilizations crashed and dropped.


My point is that the species survived — not those localities’ civilizations who experienced major shifts. I’m not particularly concerned about survival of the species as a whole due to human-caused climate change, but this will certainly lead to instability, mass die-offs, and significant change for our species and others that manage to survive.

Again, some humans experienced tiny, localized climate changes. And those often led up local die offs and collapse.

What we are facing now is global, unprecedented in its speed, outpacing natural selection, putting further stress on uncounted species already under threat of extinction even though we need them for trivial stuff like eating.

So basically extinction event levels, which generally killed off most large land animals. Why you think that a species of apes that’s easily duped by Facebook campaigns will somehow prevail under such conditions is beyond me.

A few indigenous people surviving would be a supremely optimistic scenario. But doesn’t take into account that a global breakdown of good chains would mean that millions of armed people, carrying lots of diseases, would flood the remaining pockets of nature.

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