Zero jail time for those two bribe-taking NYPD cops who had sex with a handcuffed teenager in custody

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Zero jail time for those two bribe-taking NYPD cops who had sex withraped a handcuffed teenager in custody

I know BB has to worry about libel suits, but let’s the rest of us call it like it is.


Also, I’d like to send a preemptive “fuck off” to anyone who shows up in the comments to complain it’s unnecessarily provocative to refer to the victim as a “teenager” because an 18-year-old is also a legal adult.


Yup. I don’t care if her age is legal: she was handcuffed and they were cops with power over her. That’s rape.


WTF? No seriously, WTF? If you handcuff someone then rape them, you need to do some time, lose your job, your qualifications, etc. On the same scale as any other person who commits this same crime.

If you’re in NYPD, you should be arguing for this too, since this BS is what makes you all look a bit questionable.


That’s not a “loophole,” it’s an obviously bogus defense that never should have been deemed credible or legitimate in the first place.

It’s like saying “we had to pass a new law to prohibit men from drugging strangers and having sex with them while they were unconscious to close a loophole which let men claim their victims never voiced a lack of consent.”


At least that means that their pensions will be recoverable in a civil suit.


Here is an idea, don’t give their body cams off buttons and don’t give police supervisors or politicians the ability to delete video. Deletion of video would be by a judge’s order only.


No: keep the off button. But if you press it the recorded video is sent to third-party servers.




credibility of the victim, or the complainant, in this case was seriously, seriously questionable, at best.

Is that code for something?


I think we have enough evidence at this point to know the FOP doesn’t quite see it this way. Which means the only way we can fix this is through law/regulation/oversight.

Frankly I think FOPs need to be investigated for racketeering, at this point. They are essentially criminal cartels.




A rapist is a rapist and will always be a rapist. Period. End of sentence. I hope their conscience catches up with those two rapists and theirs give them no mercy.


@malevolentpixie covered the worst part just fine in the first post. But this needs called out too. It doesn’t matter if it was a 350 lb strong man competitor that was cuffed, and a 5’2" woman cop. If you’re in custody, you can’t consent. No one with power over another can claim consent.


I may be mistaken, but I thought I read there may have been evidence she was a prostitute, I guess the idea being, maybe she suggested “I’ll have sex with you if you let me go.”

Which frankly even if it were true (and she has said otherwise I believe), I still don’t see how it means these guys should avoid jail time.

Now, they are getting 5-year probations and I believe this was due to their accepting all terms of the indictment, so it’s not like they were cleared of wrongdoing.


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Probation would mean that they have to stay in NYC,
would it not. I would think that would mean they can’t just
move on to another department.

It’s something, I guess. But not as much as I’d like.

Wouldn’t the bribe cancel the consent “loophole”?

No, I think the “bribe” is the thing that casts some amount of doubt on the rape charge. However if the cops defense is “we didn’t rape her, because she offered it in exchange for not being arrested” that statement should be admissible in a bribe charge shouldn’t it? It ought to be possible to prove either rape or accepting a bribe (and the one you can prove might not be the same thing that happened, but you can be certain beyond a reasonable doubt that it was at least one of the two).

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