AR-15 Tragedy Narrowly Averted

Another AR-15

The day after the Florida shooting an 18 yr old “kid” gets busted carrying a 9mm pistol and a knife in a Montgomery County, Md. high school. Happens all the time right?

Later that day: “Police say they found an AR-15 rifle, grenades and a list of grievances against other students”

“Police also found a tactical vest and a Glock handgun”

"Clarksburg High School Principal Edward Owusu said last week there were no warning signs that the teen would bring a weapon to school. He called the teen a good student who was “coming to school every day, doing the thing we tell kids to do: Join the athletics teams, join the clubs, get involved with the school. That’s what he was doing.”

He was just a good boy…doing what boys with guns and grievances do now.


Edit: Another one … Teen arrested for making threats towards school, AR-15 found in home


Parkland had a JROTC program, and that kid had been in it. NRA air rifle shooting grant and everything. There are so many factors, its a very complex* issue.

 * - military-industrial levels of complexity.


Look to Trump and lackeys to use this as ‘proof’ that the ‘system’ works, so why make any changes.


“One or two more, within a week…”

This clip is almost nine years old, and I wish. I really wish I didn’t have so many reasons to keep posting it.


And another:

“WASHINGTON — Investigators think another school shooting may have been prevented with the arrest of two teens and the seizure of more than 60 weapons in southern Maryland.”

“Eventually, dozens of weapons, including semi-automatic rifles and handguns, were recovered from one’s boy’s home, along with ammunition.”

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