Arc Symphony is a Playstation game that never existed. Or did it?


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From the podcast You Are Not So Smart i recall the episode on fake memories. It’s relatively simple to create a fake memory, however once one reveals that the memory is not real it is much harder for the mind to deal with it.


Explains fake news then.


Unfortunately yes, i think he also has an episode on fake news. It’s been a little while since i’ve listened to the podcast and i need to catch up



Oh man, I loved that game. I still have a copy around here somewhere, I think…


Even the title is perfect. Everything in English is cool in Japan, even Arc Symphony (which is as meaningful as Log Horizon.)


one of the links isn’t working. “commissioned designed jewel cases” yields this.


I know it’s old but Log Horizon was the pioneering explore-and-build RPG. If you can deal with the spreadsheet-like side of it all it’s still a lot more rewarding than Minecraft, Terraria and the like, IMO.


I fixed the link, thanks


That didn’t take you 20 minutes, did it? You’re the only guy in the world who can get paid for shenanigans.


12 minutes, from the first google history result for “watercolor log cabin” to the post timestamp!


Dammit now I want to play Log Horizon


With an “M” rating!


I had a copy… Or did I?


Man, you should see the sequel, Euphemism Portico.


That sounds like a challenge!


I prefer the international version remaster Euphemism Portico Plus: Blue Crimson


Wait, is this that iteration?



I think I remember this game, now. And I never even had a Playstation.
This phenomenon of people “remembering” games, television shows and movies that never existed, sometimes in great detail, is fascinating. It gets downright spooky when people seem to start remembering the exact same details independently.