Are you in a school shooting right now? There's an app for that

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I have an app that mimics the look of a lighter you hold up in a concert. Seemed like a fun idea but I use it so seldom that every time an occasion comes up, there’s been an update to the app and I have to re-download it. It takes so long that by the time it downloads, the moment has passed. I’m imagining something as crazy and tense as a school shooting incident would face similar murphy’s Law app problems…


How doesn’t the app just update normally like all the other apps do during maintenance cycle?

I’ve not had an out of date app in years…


Hey, as long as it avoids actually addressing the root of the problem at all costs…


Some people (like myself) prefer to manually update apps because we don’t like to let everything have free reign. I guess it’s a thin veil of personal sovereignty…


Folks see an opportunity to make money, they go for it. It’s the American way. Fuck that way.


That’s a good question. Looks like I have automatic updates toggled to on, and yet I’ve got several that need manually updating. (When it has that little cloud I have to click on them to make it update… I don’t have to go to the App Store or anything but it doesn’t happen automatically.



Sorry to derail an important conversation to talk about my minor iPhone annoyance. It’s insane that school shootings are so normal that we talk about ways to deal with them like they are unpreventable natural disasters. I somehow doubt an app is the solution, no matter how clever it is.


Incidentally, there’s already an app for contacting police and emergency services under duress.


That’s like 5 button presses, by then the good guy with the gun would have handled the situation and started their mandatory walk into the sunset.


I’m way more interested in the gun shot detectors. It will be hard to train it to not make errors, but if it could work reliably, we could post them on every street so that law enforcement could respond faster to shots fired. I don’t know if that’s actually a good idea, but it seems worth thinking about. We have a lot of shootings in the United States and school shootings are a small subset of that, but what if there was an online map of gunshots?

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It’s not. Basically all rifles and a lot of handguns create a supersonic shockwave that’s not caused by things like cars backfiring or firecrackers etc. Gunshot detectors have been used in the field for a long time.

Baltimore already has a shot detection system operating.


The one mentioned in the article is a visual detector not an auditory one.

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The most reliable ones are combined sound and video.

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The one in the article is trying to identify guns before any shots have been fired.

Where does it say that?

That’s not in the article at all. It’s a neural network that detects gunshots from numerous microphones places on stoplights.

It specifically says it’ll alert police of a gunshot 45 seconds after the event.

I don’t want to call you a liar but I’m hard pressed to pick up what you’re putting down.

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That’s not true. Did you read the article?

From the article:

Chicago-based Aegis AI is refining technology to identify a gun as soon as it enters an area that a camera is scanning.

Okay, so you responded to me about an article I posted saying:


I assumed you were responding to the article I posted.

I think we’re at least a decade off from camera based ai figuring out if someone’s carrying a firearm and a legitimate threat.


That icon means that the app has been offloaded from your phone to reclaim storage space. Clicking on them re-downloads them until the OS decides it can reclaim the space again. You can turn that off in Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

Back on topic, I really hate this timeline.

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