Are you under or over 30? Find out with this pop culture trivia quiz!

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My results were: Can’t fog a mirror.


I’ve got buzzfeed beat. I already knew that I’m over 30


I got 5 but the only one that wasn’t a guess was the magazine. Totally old. Getoffamylawn.


You’re 100% a millennial. A young millennial or an old millennial? I don’t know, but the only reason you got one of these right is that you’re really close to someone younger than you and you witnessed them experience all of these things while they were growing up. Without them, you would’ve totally failed this quiz.

They’re not wrong: it’s due to my closeness to the younger generation that I knew 9/15 of the questions. But I’m a Boomer, so I’ll take the inadvertent compliment to my youthfulness.


I got to the last question and closed the tab in disgust.


12/15 but three were lucky guesses. I have teenagers. Some I didn’t guess because I didnt grow up in the States, at least that’s my excuse.


It didn’t accept the answer as “asshole” either, but he is.


It is, in fact the correct and accurate answer…


Got the same result. I’m an X-er mom with a 11 year old kid.


The quiz said I’m definitely a Youth but I’m actually 48 years old. Most of my correct answers were just guesses and I know what a beyblade is because i have a six year old son.


I got 8/15 (technically a boomer). No kids but I read Boing Boing comments (“stonks”) and then correctly guessed the other seven.


I did pretty well, but mostly because I’m pretty involved in the media my kids consume.

  1. This one was easy, I bought these for my kids when they were toddlers.
  2. I think I first showed this video to my kids on youtube. Either way, I’ve seen it a million times.
  3. Never seen this one, but easy to guess by his 2D nature.
  4. Back when I was a kid in the 80’s, the fruity pieces of Trix were originally round. The fruit-shaped fruity pieces was a more recent gimick that they then changed back to try and bring novelty back to the brand. I’ve long since lost track of how many times Lucky Charms as changed the marshmallow bits for the same reason…
  5. This one I had no clue, would have to ask my kids. They don’t have Instagram or Snapchat on their phones, but they’re probably familiar with this via their friends at school.
  6. I’ve seen this meme character a million times on reddit, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the original, so I didn’t know this one.
  7. Never seen this one before either.
  8. Ah, the crappy Highlights magazine that I only read when I had to go to the Dentist and there was nothing to do in the waiting room.
  9. Never seen this either, but pretty easy to guess.
  10. I’ve seen Stranger Things, so this one wasn’t hard.
  11. I’ve seen a lot of vines with my kids, but I didn’t know this one.
  12. I’ve watched my kids play many hours of Cool Math Games, the real one is of course the one that has a color scheme that looks like it was vomited out by someone that only had bright primary colors on their palette.
  13. I don’t even recognize this and I knew it had to be spies, it’s the only answer that would be believable in a kids show.
  14. Not really a thing my kids were ever into, but Beyblades have been around for quite a while, I’ve seen other kids play with them before.
  15. My kids like watching his Minecraft play videos.

You got 12 out of 15 right!

A Youth!

You’re FOR SURE a youth. You’re either Gen-Z or a cusp because you nailed this quiz. It was a walk in the park for you. You’ve never taken an easier quiz in your entire life!

You scored better than 80% of quiztakers.

I’ll be 36 this month but i suppose its good to be considered “young”. To be fair i guessed on a couple, some the questions are highly specific to Americans. Having grown up in Latin America i had never seen some of things they put on there. I think i got all the memes right though because i have priorities in my life, and its memes.


I came here to post this exact thing, down to getting 9/15 (as Gen X though).


Yes, it was weird that “Highlights” (which started in 1946), was considered some secret thing only people under 30 would know (I knew about in the 1970s, but I was a snob who preferred the more literary “Cricket” instead) Likewise, Flat Stanley isn’t some new thing. The book was from 1964!


I’m 42 and I got 13/15.


Yes, this highly scientific buzzfeed quiz seems flawed… I too am an old and got a good number of questions! Clearly the scientists as buzzfeed need to rethink their quizzing strategy! :thinking:


I’m 30, got 10 out of 15.

I guess being a meme warrior helped.


I don’t know what any of this stuff is and I don’t care. To me the one sole privilege of being old is getting to not give a rat’s ass about the culture you are no longer part of.