Argue with a machine: Debate Devil pits your wits against AI

Can we get it to debate itself ad infinitum so the rest of us can get on with our lives?


It’s like a text Fleshlight. Can we just have it start an email thread with Ted Cruz and leave it be?

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I have lost many arguments with machines, even without AI.

I’m a sysad. Arguing with machines is my job.



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The AI debater was rather lacklustre, and the judge agreed with me. Arguing from the premise of “Capitalism is inherently harmful to humans and our planet”, the AI fell into the a loop of “but these harms can be mitigated” quasi-arguments, which it doesn’t take much to see that constitutes agreement with the initial statement. When this was pointed out it had nothing to bring to the table that wasn’t more of the same. The judge said the AI was repetitive, contradictory and unconvincing. Then again it also said I provided evidence for my claims when all I did was hand-wave towards evidence existing, which kind of undermines the judge too.

Honestly, this felt like discussing with a poorly informed teenager (with reasonably good manners).

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