Flowchart: What kind of beer should you drink?



Diagram somehow poorly laid out, parts are empty-ish and parts are cramped. Coloring some of the lines (at least the terminal ones that go to the color-coded beers) would make it easier to read. The warheads-candy question has a third option going out of its box, without explanation (mistake?). Standardized flowchart symbols wouldn’t hurt too. </nitpick>

That said, nice one!


I know nothing about beer. The only thing I learned from reading the chart is the author is a bit of a snob. And if you have to ask “Hoppy?” 5 times, the flowchart isn’t drawn right.


I disagree with this chart, but then beauty and taste are both in the eye of the beholder.

Lager tastes the best, which is why it’s the most popular. IPAs and regular Pale Ales are terrible. Wheat is a little too much. Pilsners are good, but can be a little tangy. I have no opinions about the others.

Sports aren’t mentioned anywhere on the chart? How does that happen?


FTFY! :smiley:


Much improved. Thank you.

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This chart is designed to look massively more complex than it actually is, but it’s also broken: there’s a line coming out of “Do You Like Warheads Candy” that doesn’t have a decision attached to it.

I think people should be required to take a semester class in flowcharts before being allowed to post a “viral flowchart” on the internet. Taught by Randall Munroe. And graded by a sexually frustrated Mandrill.


Oh this is not good. Follows all the old crap about some beers are for outdoors, some are for winter, some are for drinking in the dark… blech. I really think food has moved past such stupidity.



I’ll stick to my porters and stouts, ta muchly.

I was chatting to the owner of Reuben’s Brews recently (definitely try their beer if you get a chance).

He thinks that sours are going to be the next thing in US craft beer. Personally, as long as we get a bit more that isn’t an IPA I’ll be happy. Not that there isn’t a time and a place for them, but not all beers need to be full of hops all the time.


Are you in a pub? Do you like cask conditioned real ale? Then have a pint of bitter. Sorted.


The real question is what kind of beer should YOU drink.

You don’t suppose that might have been, yknow, a joke?

Food has moved on… The stupidity remained.

Missing beer type: Free.
Always my favorite.


Heheheh…beerflow… heheheh…

I dunno, I drink a lot of different craft beers, and I feel this chart is pretty close to my mood patterns.

The “Do you like warheads candy?” box makes me irrationally angry.


What’s the joke?

I will bet ten thousand zuleks, or an equivalent number of quatloos, that the creator is American.

Exhibit A: Pilsner Urquell - the beer that pilsner is named after - is not actually hoppy.

Exhibit B: No cask-conditioned real ales.