Arizona javelina responds to complaints about golf course destruction: "I ate all all your precious golf worms and I'd do it again"

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This javelina is a hero.


That much grass that green in Arizona must take a city’s worth of water.




Amusing, though I’m not sure it makes a lot off sense to associate the golf course with the people who crossed the Bering Land Bridge.

From A. Javelina’s POV it does. People showed up, then more, then more, then more. Javelina doesn’t care whether a specific hooman’s ancestors came across a land bridge, a boat, or an airplane.


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I’ve been following this story and both that update and TIL this is Sedona has warmed my heart so much that it will now power a small community.

(I have family in the area who are… not the people who golf. I also visited a lot as a kid back when Sedona was mostly just red rocks, a few hippies, and a couple tourist spots selling crystals.)


This story warms my heart.
Also, I read this in the LA Times the other day about Sedona.
This part made me laugh in reference to the fact that during the pandemic the city gov and Chamber decided to “quit advertising the town in glossy national travel magazines and doing social media posts targeted at rich people, since the marketing money would be wasted during the international shutdown.”
Thus (weirdly):

This experiment has not yielded the expected serenity.
Instead, Sedona has filled up with “wayward and lost tourists,” in the words of Christopher Fox Graham, managing editor of the Sedona Red Rock News. Without such destination marketing, he wrote, “Sedona has been beset by day travelers from Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas, and Californian overnighters who roll into town with little guidance on where to stay, eat, shop or explore other than what they saw on Instagram.”

Like… what? People are just driving around aimlessly in their Range Rovers “I don’t know what to do or where to go!!”


Sure. I simply don’t think the javelina’s point of view makes a lot of sense. Stupid javelina.

You think the javelina should care more about the invasive species known as humans and their history?

I took it as an indicator of time and the tiny slice of it that golf courses in Arizona existed. Perhaps the javelina should have been more ambiguous as to how the people ever got here… afaik the strait may not be totally the whole story as to how or where people traveled a long time ago. And it is certainly not the likely point of origin for most contemporary golf enthusiasts, though I do not see that association being made.

But well and truly sir, a smart javelina would probably have killed us already if it could have. Unfortunately for them, we are the species with the nukes. And one way or another humans took everything over and then embroiled the land in their wars against each other for the rest of their time on earth.


Part of me finds that hilarious as if there isn’t a ubiquitous information source in everyone’s pocket or… you know just wandering around and trying things (which are largely the same anyway).

The rest of me finds that a bit sad because part of my family are employed by the higher end touristy stuff that may not be getting the same crowds.

I’ve been to Sedona post-pandemic (whatever that might be) and it sure seemed normal, I will say that.
While there, I took a drive up to Flagstaff and it too was pretty crowded.
Side note, I have a weird thing about trying to find USGS benchmarks and the like when I travel, so I’ll look up ones before I go and try to find coordinates. Bonus if they can be found on a hike.
Found this guy on a trail off the Midgely Bridge. Took a bit of hunting because I had to use my phone for GPS.
It was side-mounted on a rock.


I have made no requests of the javelinas to make any changes to what they care about. I did make a apparently obtusely ironic joke suggesting that I-as a human- think that a javelina should try to make more sensible associations-about humans- when it is writing.


Oh, it was a joke.


They couldn’t have mounted it 6.408 inches higher?? Is this some sort of precision flex? Am I the only one bothered by this?


Gotta fill that perimeter text box!


That’s probably the real reason, isn’t it? smh


Yea, I’m not sure why it would be like that. When we went to Yosemite, this one is at Glacier Point (there’s a barely visible “2” between the 7 and the 1) -


Hmm. As the ones who have both an interest in not seeing all the water get used up and not being eaten by javelinas, I would like to hear a worm’s take on all this.