Arizona voters ditch longtime Sheriff Joe Arpaio


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Surprising, since he reflects Trump’s values to a T.


One bright spot from a mostly dismal election night.


Yeah, but he was costing them money.


Adios D-Bag!


So now he’s available for a federal cabinet position.

I wish I were joking.


He’s been costing them money for years. Millions of dollars in legal payouts and fines going back years. I’m on my phone so I can’t really look it up but last time I checked, he had an entire Wikipedia article on just the cases he’s had brought against him.

It’s one long steak of very expensive losses. Why Arizona decided now of all times to cut him loose is still a mystery far as I’m concerned.


Was coming to say this as well. some sanity was in the country.


Not the only one:


It is basic human nature to keep investing into something, hoping it will get better, than just cut it off when you see it is getting bad. Sunk Cost Fallacy


My new congresscritter!

TBH, the alternative was an openly-gay Cuban-American, so we were going to get somebody pretty positive either way.

I see that Zephyr Teachout lost her run in NY, though.


I can’t even enjoy this. it’s like finding a heads-up penny lying on the deck of a listing Titanic.


Here, I’ll help you not enjoy it:

He’s a free man now, in search of a job. Think Trump needs a new director of ICE?



But for how long? His criminal contempt trial is…next month?


At 84 he’s already beat U.S. male life expectancy by a good 5 years. If he ever faces jail time for his actions it won’t be for long.


Wait till you see what the next guy will get up to.


There’s still that empty seat in the Supreme Court…


My trump-luvin’ relatives are hoping this frees him up for a spot in the new federal government. Blaaaarg.


I thought that was just me.


I wish this was funny.