Trump loses yet another post-election lawsuit, Arizona judge tosses AZ GOP case against Maricopa county

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Imagine being such a loathsome piece of shit that even the people who kept voting Sheriff Joe Arpaio into office want nothing to do with you.


It’s probably obvious to anyone who is watching, but it is INCREDIBLE how little any of the rhetoric coming from these fuckwits in the Elite Strike Force Team in their press conferences has anything to do with what they’ve actually alleged in their legal filings or what they’re telling courts.

What they’re describing to the press is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated in the American electorate by a cabal of international communists, and what they’re alleging in court is that they think a few dozen ballots should be looked at closer because they’re genuine idiots who don’t know how elections are supposed to work.


This is some remarkable stuff coming from Fox News:


Approved fees to be paid by the Republican Party- the judge was pissed and the suit was frivolous.


I’ve been watching Trump supporters reassure each other on various subreddits recently. It’s wild how they turn the smallest rumor into fact and then into the basis for predictions that are all several steps removed from reality.

According to them, CIA agents, members of the Deep State of course, used servers in Germany to change votes in the US election and the US Army raided the site and had a gunfight with the CIA. And Trump’s just not talking about it because he doesn’t want the Deep State to know he’s about to strike at them in other locations. But be patient because one day it’s all gonna drop and it’ll be glorious and Joe Biden will concede and negotiate for a shorter prison sentence because whatever fraud is proven will definitely be tied directly to him.

If you cite fact checking sources to debunk their bullshit, they just claim your sources are biased and the mods ban you. You are not allowed to disrupt the safe space conspiracy theories.


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