Arkansas House, Senate override Governor Hutchinson’s veto of Anti-Trans bill

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I saw enough of Arkansas.


Arkansas is like California; too beautiful to be as full of assholes as it is (present company excluded, of course).


So they don’t really care about the children, despite banging on about them every chance they get. No surprise here. As with everything, they really only care about their own comfort, and whatever they think their deity says about it.


The TERs “care” about children, unfortunately the “caring” they offer is spare the rod, spoil the child. There are enough trans people who experienced that upbringing that it should be obvious that it doesn’t work, yet they persist in their child abuse.

To them, a dead cis presenting child is a tragedy, but a live transgender child is an outrage.


This is spot on. They care about children being seen and not heard. They certainly don’t care to hear who they really are, as they want to batter them into what they see as the “correct” kind of human being. It’s infuriating.


Yeah, I saw the original photo of the smug look on the Governor’s face after his veto. My remarking that I’d like to slap him got me Twitter jail.


I had no plans of visiting Arkansas anyway, but this confirms that it is one state whose dirt will not disgrace the bottom of my shoe.


i guess the caring stops when the child is born in good ole ARK. and you know all this nationwide lobbying is funded by some secret and not so secret rich “Christians”. should you read this by accident: you are terrible excuses for human beings and “God” is not going to “reward” you for turning your back on your fellow man. fuck you.


Mahatma Gandhi — ‘I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.’


What is the legislative point of a governor if all required for a veto override is a simple majority? Seems that AR could just eliminate the position and save some money.


He liked Leo Tolstoy (famous author and father of modern Christian Anarchism), but Tolstoy got himself excommunicated from the Russian Orthodox Church for saying that they weren’t following Christ’s teachings.


Not-at-all-secret, I’d say. The anti-trans movement is transparently a move by conservative Christians who also see it as a wedge they can use to advance a return of anti-gay and anti-feminist cultural battles. Where they’re being secretive is in using their resources to take over or create anti-trans “gay” or “feminist” organizations, but the mask often slips in that the organizations also end up being anti-gay and anti-feminist.


Always trouble with the ground crew… It’s like they never read the manual.


They don’t need to take over or create any organisations. There are plenty of transphobic tankies and atheists out there who are happy to take conservative religious money in pursuit of a common goal, and the conservative Christians are happy to give it to them.


So, the “hero” is arch conservative Asa Hutchinson. I mean, he kinda is. He didn’t have to veto the bill. He knew it would be overriden.

Hutchinson even goes on Fox to talk to… Tucker Carlson (who cannot say the words “chemical castration” often enough) and gets the full abuse from him. It was/is surreal: Hutchinson continuously/patiently making the rational and ethical argument. Carlson beating him over the head. And he can never fight back at Carlson, nor call him out on his puerile sarcasm and blatant fallacies, because Carlson is ostensibly his fellow conservative.

My favorite: when Carlson started an argument from authority (his authority!) and condescension. Tucker informs Hutchinson, “It doesn’t sound like you have studied it very deeply. I mean, this is an emerging field.” I question how anyone at home was not screaming “Shut the fuck up, Tucker.”


Next up: Republicans say to children born with cleft palates “NO, you cannot have surgery, this is the way God made you!”

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nope. Thiis is what’s next.


Apparently you need only a simple majority in Arkansas to override a veto. If you have the votes to pass the legislation in the first place, you have the votes to override the veto. What’s the point of the veto power, then?


I think this was the design when they voted to change that veto rule to keep Jim Crow laws in effect.