Armed domestic terrorists take over federal building, but it's OK, they're white



Do you think ‘armed Muslims taking over a federal building’ would be getting the same headlines?


I don’t I want to know what ‘Man Town’ smells like.


Hey now lets not conflate these terrorist yokels with a beloved and tasty tiny hamburger…



Are the Bundys Paiutes?


So just like the Pilgrim Fathers, then?


Hey, I know it’s the OP’s job to get clicks, and bringing race into it right away is a proven method. No worries.


For that, we have Amazon:

No, Yankee Candle, a place called “Man Town” doesn’t smell like a blend of spices, woods, and musk. It smells like beer that went stale as it soaked into a beige carpet that’s never been vacuumed, with hints of moldy shower and pee on the wall next to the toilet.

Oh… sorry I misread your quote. You “don’t want to know.” Sorry Sorry SORRY.


American Taliban aka “#YallQaeda” Check List:

Home stacked on bricks/wheels or BOTH - ✓

High flying Rebel & Don’t Tread On Me Flags - ✓

Backyard Bunker, Decorated with the Stars & Bars - ✓

Rather hug their GUNS than their own kids - ✓

Maxed out EBT Card on Emergency Food Supplies - ✓

Flosses last remaining tooth - ✓

Hot Crack or Meth Pipe - ✓

Owns Duck Dynasty Gear - ✓

Member also of the KuKluxKlan - ✓

On Medicare but HATES Government Programs - ✓

Just found out Ted Cruz is on Obamacare - ✓

Hates America - (we shut it down) ✓

Hates Hispanics - (electrify the fence) ✓

Hates Jews - ✓

Hates Gays - (GOP gays stay in the closet) DOUBLE ✓

Hates Blacks - QUADRUPLE ✓

Doesn’t know Big Tobacco aka Koch Bro are their leaders ✓

Decidedly anti-science ✓

Believes the Universe was created 6,000 years ago ✓

Follows do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do evangelical preachers ✓

Believes the Democrats shut down the Government✓

Despise College Educations - ✓

High grade completion 5th - ✓

IQ close to but not to exceed 80 - ✓

Votes against own interest (explains the IQ) - ✓

GOP troll account on CNN, POLITICO, HP and TPM - ✓

Trailer-park trash defends Bigot & Racist Trump- ✓

Owns Fox News “Benghazi Gear” Cap, T-Shirt and Benghazi flip flops! - ✓

Request the Racist Package from DishNetwork/DirectTV - ✓

Watches Fox News Comedy Network 24/7 - ✓

Believes Bill O’reilly wife beater and hate monger is wonderful - ✓

Endorses Josh Drugger as the next Tea party Candidate! - ✓

Support 47 treasonous Anti-American cowards - ✓


the ol’ whomever smelt it dealt it fallacy, eh?


I guess you could say that, as the early New England settlers would chase people off who attempted to treat everyone equally…


No, seriously, what would be happening if they were Muslims?

Don’t you think that the FOX crowd wouldn’t be crying for us to just bomb the place and 'take ‘em out’?

The hypocrisy is the point of the headline, and it’s very valid.


I need to go clean that nightmare picture out of my brain now… I hate you milkman @papasan


If they were Muslims, this would already be over, because the cops would go in guns blazing and not worry about PR.


Terrorists. You misspelled terrorists.

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other than their own, from us, on our land, which they have taken by force.

Which flavor of violent sociopathy has led them to treason is a bit beside the point, isn’t it?


Classism is definitely the way to deal with racism, amirite? Those poors are terrible unlike us enlightened rich/middle class white people who would never EVER be racist! All problems lie in the alien others and no self-reflection is ever required.


Of course. I’m consistent, I don’t support any of these rebel movements. I was just noting the way that the definition of “rebel”, “terrorist” and “freedom fighter” is very fluid and simply depends on who they are rebelling against. Bad in Ukraine, bad in Oregon, good in Syria, good in Nicaragua and so on.
What’s more, different parts of the government have different definitions at different times. Kerry (whom I tend to agree with) has a nuanced view of the world; he’s an intelligent guy who understands the need for dialogue and compromise. But the CIA seems able to make it up as they go along, now opposing Al-queda and the Taliban, now supporting them.
Most of the rest of the developed world has the un-nuanced view that the guys waving the guns who are not responsible to elected politicians are the bad guys. In the US, it’s complicated.


Oh, absolutely. I’m totally fascinated to see how the FOX crowd justifies this, and especially, how Trump/Cruz handle the situation. But I disagree with Mindysan and others; I don’t think either the government nor local law wants a massacre. Whether these guys are white, black, Muslim, or Buddhist, the government is likely going to handle this the same way they handled the Cliven Bundy situation and try to avoid casualties on either side. These guys seem to sincerely want an armed conflict, and I hope the government denies them their martyrdom.