"Armed man" was actually armed with musical instruments


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To be fair, we probably should lock up all didgeridoo players.



Now I almost want to see an Australia-based remake of Desperado.


Armed man actually armed with appendages.


When didgeridoos are outlawed, only outlaws will have didgeridoos.


I followed the link expecting to see another sad tale of police shooting and was pleasantly surprised.

Unarmed police FTW. :slight_smile:


Lucky for him he was not in the States. He never would have made through this alive.



Don’t bring a didgeridoo to a duel.

At least he did not carry a table leg, then he’d be dead.


The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a didgeridoo is a good guy with bagpipes.


The posted article makes no mention of the man’s ethnic background. Sadly, this information seems pretty important if you want to put this story in context.


Great to see Tongham in the news - only a few miles from me, and home of the wonderful Hogs Back Brewery. Mines a pint of TEA!


[quote=“Brainspore, post:3, topic:62592, full:true”]
Now I almost want to see an Australia-based remake of Desperado.

That’s not a very flattering single frame, is it? I can’t imagine who thought that looked like a stable firing position. Also the rocket appears to be sliding sideways at a 45-degree angle to the launcher.

Nothing against the actual flim, of course.


Two recent similar cases in the UK where armed police responded to reports of individuals who turned out to be unarmed:

In one of them the man is black and was carrying an umbrella with a samurai-sword handle.

In the other he is white and was using a rake in his friend’s garden late at night (the report came from a nursing home).

Both seem to have gone similarly.


The Met police weren’t involved so both are still alive?


Two didgeridoos make a didgeridon’t.


Or, perhaps, didgeridon’ts.
@vrplumber beat me to it!


There is a didgeridoo and there is a didgeridon’t. There is no didgeritry.


Yes, I know that it was in England. But I still think it’s weird to panic about somebody having weapons if they aren’t even doing anything with them. I just don’t automatically assume that people are causing problems.


A hipster with an Australian wind instrument is a didgeridude.