Armed robber who face-planted into Pizza Hut door left DNA, cops say

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This is today’s third boingboing crime story out of Las Cruces (Subway burglary, Guy asleep in stolen car, and now Pizza Hut).

Is the annual boingboing winter retreat currently being held there?

ETA: Meaning boingboing staff are there seeing the local news, not committing the crimes.


Just be glad they’re not down in Boca Raton or there would be a hundred new stories up by the weekend.


My spouse quite rightly points out that while there apparently IS money for collecting, processing and testing or matching DNA from what I ASSUME is an African-American perpetrator they just can’t find any money for testing the THOUSANDS of rape kits sitting idly on shelves.


Well of course it’s more important to solve crimes against corporations before crimes against women. After all, one of them is a person, and one is just an object. :confounded:

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Pizza Hut Clerk: “Hello! This is Pizza Hut. May I help you?”
Cop: “Yes. I’d like to order one Pizza Hut Door.”
Pizza Hut Clerk: “Great! Any toppings?”
Cop: “Yes. A robbery suspect’s DNA.”
Pizza Hut Clerk: “No pineapple?”
Cop: “You kidding me?”

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