Arnold Schwarzenegger admits mistreating women: "I stepped over the line several times"


I can also appreciate it… while wondering if – given the current tsunami of sexual abuse/molestation accusations – Arnold is merely trying to get out in front in case any especially nasty ticking time bombs go off.


Ironically enough, I am not surprised that he did not mention details, because he probably does not know and is probably smart enough to know that he doesn’t get to decide when he went over the line. And there may be cases where he was told he went over the line, and backed off once told.

I may disagree with his politics – okay, I disagree a lot with his politics – but I think he deserves recognition for trying to change the culture and lessen harassment.


Your test is actually pretty good. It’s a valuable second and third step, as I see it. The first step here strikes the right nuance: he gets out in front, and admits to doing wrong, does not out the victims, as it’s up to them to decide if they were wronged, not him. The next step is for someone to say, “yes, I was one of those you wronged” and the third is for him to accept it.


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