Arnold Schwarzenegger admits mistreating women: "I stepped over the line several times"


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Wow, brave of him to admit to what he did on such vague terms, putting so much of his career and livelihood at risk.


In equally surprising news, water is wet.


The Grabinator.


Weird how in this, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a better man than Bill Clinton.


Weird how Arnold could have gotten on the Supreme Court.


I think it was a brave and good thing to make this statement out loud. I appreciate it.


I’m trying to imagine how a confession like this should work, in a non-cynical way.

If Mr. Schwarzenegger were to have given the dates when he believes he may have “stepped over the line” or if he described specific actions, or he named names, then would he not run the risk of re-victimizing the women he’s already wronged?

I suppose the test is: What happens when a woman does come forward and say “Yes, and I was one of those who you stepped over the line with.”

If he acknowledges her accusations and makes a specific and sincere apology, then maybe he’s actually doing the right thing here.

But if she gets the usual treatment in this sort of thing, then his recent statement reveals him as a virtue signaling poseur.


The test (in the “truth and reconciliation commission” sense) would be admitting to a willingly identified victim without the possibility of legal consequences.

That might seem counterintuitive, as the possibility of legal consequences would make the admission more sincere and risky for the culprit. But in practice the possibility of legal consequences encourages people to confess under carefully managed terms, which is in its own way even worse than denial.

(For example, if we find out next week that Arnie is now being accused of a more serious crime, we’ll know why this particular admission was made today)


I don’t believe him. That is clearly a fake Arnold head.


What makes you think that? You think Trump’s handlers want a Justice who isn’t tainted? How are they supposed to control him? Deep-fried Twinkies?


I know someone who worked in those offices and she made it very clear to me that the ladies knew not to wear anything the least bit provocative, low cut or revealing when he was around. Their nickname for the Governor was ‘Governor Grabass’ so he wasn’t done with his handsy ways entirely while Guvnah.


When asked ‘how long has this mistreatment of women been going on?’ Arnold just repeatedly said ‘2 weeks’ and then his head exploded.


He’s just said he’s tainted himself.


That’s why we took sexual-harassment courses,

Well that worked out well for him…

[note sadly the sarcasm]


*Supposed to prevent, not act as a score card.


Water is oddly apologizing for wetting the t-shirt instead of saying that t-shirt provoked it.


Well, we know for sure he can bench press more than him…

And while this admission may be self serving, it seems to me more men admitting publicly to bad behavior is needed. Needed because it is going to get harder and harder to deny there is a problem if even the men are agreeing too much bad shit goes on.


considering the things he’s said about Trump, yes that would be weird.


Really I find some of the comments here deplorable. He is brave enough to step up and admit he did wrong and yet people still want to run him down for the sake of worthless virtue signalling. Its this sort of pathetic attack
which make people not want to say anything at all.