Arrested fake elector says she was an unwilling pawn in GOP election forgery plot

There is no question that the Republican Party committed the crime of forgery, as the documents are prima facie evidence. They are forged federal election documents. It’s only a question of who committed the forgery: was it some republican party operative with photoshop and a scanner, or was it Ms. Lundgren forging her elector status herself?

Photoshop forgery may be a possibility. However, republican competence has been so carefully hidden that I don’t believe it exists, so there’s the high likelihood that if it’s a copy/paste job it was incompetently done. It should easily be determined through matching the physical evidence of the paper documents she actually did sign that evening and comparing them to the forged election document.

And ask Musk if his signature on the bid to buy Twitter was invalid because he was “duped” and “scammed” into making a stupid offer. See if that got him out of having to close the deal.


i’d wager the defense will work and they’ll get wrist slaps or less.

…and that there is an ironclad way to send them to jail if they recant their regrets after getting off, like QShaman.

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I think this is wrong. What saved the US this time around was dozens of small players - the GA Sec’y of State, etc - who refused to cooperate. What they are working on right now is destroying the fabric of opposition to a coup inside of the GOP, and they are nearly done with that. This being part of a coup, they should all have the stakes that John Hancock saw for the Declaration of Independence - “we should all hang together or we shall all hang separately”. A few firing squads are what I’d personally think is best for people who don’t want a dirty war by the GOP in the US, but I’ll settle for draconian jail sentences.


We are. And if we don’t wipe out the whole movement, it WILL happen again. That means going after small fish like her.

Again, this isn’t a court, and no one here is playing a role in this case. So, yeah, we can talk about it, and we can condemn her. None of us are “bypassing” the law by passing judgement on her and the adherents to the MAGA movement.

Once again - does this LOOK like a court of law to you? Really? Because it’s not.

This is precisely how we got here. Rather than cleaning up the white supremacist movement after OKC bombing, law enforcement ignored it and focused on doing the exact same thing they SHOULD have been doing to white supremacist groups to Muslims going to their local mosques.

But sure… white people should never be held responsible. They are all innocent dupes who are never culpable for what they do… /s

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And our friend here seems hell-bent on advocating for that here. The biggest threat to the country right now ARE white supremacists, led by Trump. We take that out, the whole thing, or we’re fucked. We should have done that in the 1860s and in the 1960s, but we didn’t, precisely because of the mind set of “well, it’s over now, we can forget about it, and we certainly shouldn’t hold poor, innocent whites responsible for what they did.” Bullshit. This keeps coming back up, precisely because we did not root it out and hold people responsible for years and racial violence and systemic oppression. The state of our criminal justice system, where white people, especially wealthy white people from “respectable” society keep getting a pass. We either stop that pattern, or we’ll never fully deal with this problem.

Yep. We go after both, or they’ll continue doing what they’re doing.

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I’m currently enjoying my breezy Summer beach read, (The J6 Report by Adam Schiff), and upon further review every one of these fake elector assholes can and should seriously go fuck themselves straight to the hoosegow. ALL of that shit was premeditated and planned out- she knew exactly what she was doing.


Another face for the leopards


Especially if they are married to Carl Lundgren.

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I don’t care if she’s lying. I don’t care whether she’s a pawn or not. The problem is that she would willingly vote for the same people that pulled this stunt again.


beat me to it. :slight_smile:


People who know nothing think the same’s true of others. Liars never believe other people.

This person, however, knew exactly what was going on.

If she thought it was wrong, why didn’t she go to the cops?

If she thought it was wrong, why didn’t this longtime rethug contact someone ha ha ha ha honest in the MI rethug party and tell them?

If she thought it was wrong, why was her ass at the Capitol with a merkin von bankrupt mouthpiece, along with the rest of 'em, insisting they be let in “as electors” ?

Here’s all you need to know about these evil schmucks, to know they knew damn well what was going on. Ya know?

Meshawn Maddock, 55, was previously co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party and is married to a GOP member of the Michigan House of Representatives. CNN previously reported that she publicly bragged about the Trump campaign’s involvement in the fake elector scheme. The Maddocks spoke at a pro-Trump event in Washington, DC, one day before the insurrection on January 6, 2021, and Meshawn Maddock was in DC on the day of the attack, though she wasn’t at the US Capitol. Regarding the charges, she told CNN, “This is part of a national coordinated lawfare to stop Trump. (Michigan Attorney General) Dana Nessel and (Justice Department special counsel) Jack Smith are constructing a banana republic where political opponents are harassed, bankrupted and jailed and voter fraud has now morphed into their prosecutorial fraud.”

Kathy Berden, 70, is one of the Republican National Committee members representing Michigan. She was previously one of the pro-Trump delegates at the Republican National Convention in summer 2016.

Marian Sheridan, 69, is the grassroots vice chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. She was also one of the plaintiffs in a frivolous lawsuit that tried to overturn the results of the 2020 election in Michigan.

Kent Vanderwood, 69, is the current mayor of Wyoming, Michigan, a small city near Grand Rapids. He was previously a longtime member of the Wyoming City Council and won the mayor’s race last year. During the 2020 campaign, he was chair of the 2nd District Republican Party, according to local press reports.

Stanley Grot, 71, is the Shelby Township clerk, in a small western Michigan town. He was appointed in 2012.

Amy Facchinello, 55, was elected in 2020 as a member of the school board in Grand Blanc, which is a suburb of Flint, Michigan. She was previously vice chairwoman of the Genesee County Republican Party. CNN previously reported that she has repeatedly promoted QAnon-related material on her social media accounts.

Mari-Ann Henry, 65, is the treasurer of the 7th Congressional District Republican Committee, according to its website. The district includes Michigan’s capital city of Lansing and several surrounding counties.

Michele Lundgren, 73, was the Republican nominee in 2022 for a Detroit-based seat in the Michigan House of Representatives, but lost the heavily Democratic district in a landslide. Regarding the fake electors plot, she told CNN last year, “We were called on the phone, asked if we’d come and support President Trump and sign something, and we all went to Lansing. … We were just told to show up and sign this paper. If we had any information about it being untoward or illegal, we would not have done it.”

Clifford Frost, 75, is a realtor who unsuccessfully ran for the Macomb County Board of Commissioners last year. He was a GOP poll-watcher in Detroit during the 2020 primary, according to the Detroit Free Press. In recent days, he has shared pro-Trump conspiracy theories about alleged voter fraud on social media.

John Haggard, 82, was one of the plaintiffs in a frivolous lawsuit that tried to overturn the 2020 results in Michigan. The lawsuit was dismissed and the lawyers who brought it were sanctioned by a judge. He served as a legitimate Trump elector from Michigan in 2016, when Trump narrowly won the state.

Timothy King, 56, was also one of the plaintiffs in a frivolous lawsuit that tried to overturn the 2020 results in Michigan. The lawsuit was dismissed and the lawyers who brought it were sanctioned by a judge.

Rose Rook, 81, is a member of the executive committee of the Van Buren County Republicans, according to its website.

Mayra Rodriguez, 64, is a lawyer who is facing potential disciplinary proceedings with the Attorney Discipline Board, stemming from her participation in the fake electors plot, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Hank Choate, 72, is a dairy farmer who met with Trump during a White House event about agriculture in April 2017. The event was also attended by then-Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue.

Ken Thompson, 68 was brought in to replace one of the original GOP electors that was recruited to serve before the 2020 election. A Michigan GOP official testified to the House select committee that investigated January 6, 2021, that Thompson replaced an original elector who was “uncomfortable with the whole thing” and refused to participate.

James Renner, 76, was also brought in later in the process to replace one of the original GOP electors. He is from Lansing.


You forgot the way they elect prosecutors and sheriffs too


Its pretty safe to assume the prosecutors obtained significant corroborating evidence in addition to the signed slate, to bolster their criminal claims; as this kind of defense in a forgery case is something they’d prepare to counter.
I doubt this ploy will work.


There’s gotta be German for that, since " Backpfeifengesicht" means a face in need of a fist… I wonder what “a face deserving a leopard” is.


I vote Leopardenfrühstücksgesicht = leopard’s breakfast face[1].

  1. You need the element of eating in the word, since Leopardengesicht would just be a leopard’s face. And Frühstück is an inherently funnier word than the other mealtimes, in my opinion (cf. also Du hast wohl 'nen Clown gefrühstückt). ↩︎


I was thinking of “feasting” but yes frühstück is an inherently funnier word. Cows are funnier than horses and all that.

Happy to add to the glossary


I will try to awkwardly force that into a few comments today.




… also in English, e.g. “dog’s breakfast”


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