Arrestee eats through patrol car seat


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Such out-of-control behavior could only be caused by the new designer drug, “beer,” or as kids on the street call it, “buds” “suds,” or “a cold one.” Something must be done!


Has she been checked for rabies?

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I wouldn’t mind procreating with her, we need more authority defying citizens

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Not sure if it is a good idea. If she can chew through a car seat, imagine all that she could bite off you.

there are solutions for that…

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“I’m getting information that the brown pop is not good. So stay away from the brown pop, people.”

You can actually buy that sort of crap at PXDirect and Handcuff warehouse,

hey, didn’t I see that stuff on a Prisoner Abuse exposè? Eww…

I have a hunch those numbers might be a tad inflated. I just did a Google Shopping search for “Chevy Tahoe Seat” and none of the results were over $250. Granted, there’s also the possibility that the police department values their fleet mechanic’s time at a couple of grand per hour.

I see a market for flavored car seats…

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