Man chewed through police car seat belt so he wouldn't miss his kid's birthday


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My kind of dad.


@TobinL - would you do this, if you had to?


My teeth are not in the kind of shape to bite through a seat belt. I would probably be at the station house before I got done.


Stuckey then told officers…

So it didn’t work then?


Fascinating. I’m dumbstruck that there was a seatbelt available to chew through in a squad car.


So did they just buckle him in the seat and leave the door open or did this plan include a Step 2? I’m pretty sure squad car windows aren’t made out of candy glass.


Yup. Props for trying dad.


I wonder if he really chewed all the way through the seat belt, or if he was just gnawing at it and the cops tacked on a charge of destruction of property because … well, they’re cops. If he really did, holy crap he’s got some super powered teeth.


Stories of Richard Kiel’s death were greatly exaggerated?


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