ARST ARSW (Star Wars, re-edited into alphabetical order)


Before we had computers that could do it a friend of mine tried to count the occurrences of “I” in Robinson Crusoe. This brings that to mind.

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He used the Special Edition for this, which sadly is the canon (until Lucas changes it again). Was gagging as I saw clips of the inept Jabba CGI.

Also, the Singularity is fast approaching when every post in BB is just the top post in reddit, and vice versa.


still better than Phantom Menace. But seriously, seeing the shots all out of order and story just as an abstraction of moments forced a fresh look at the palette, props, compositions, characters and ideas, it becomes immediately reinforced why this movie works so well…I won’t spill any more pixels on the topic, the war was fought and won long ago, RIP, dead horse.

This is super helpful. My favorite part was “an analysis.”

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Yeah, in the youtube description it specifically says he used “the Special Edition to troll Han-shot-first purists” meaning it’s NOT the Han shot first version. I was momentarily confused when I saw clips of Jabba.

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A blasted clever, diligently executed feat!


All 14 of your “base” are belong to us.

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They left out the moment that Luke, getting off the X-wing, is so happy to see Leia that he calls her “Carrie”.

brain spinning. i hope they follow it up with a cut of all the non-dialog parts of the film ala this seinfeld:

I found one for Real estate agents to use at. 19:37 Link to Location, location, location.

because he doesn’t call her “carrie”, and he never did. the dialogue there is and always has been “Hey!” and is included in this video.

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I heard that if you start playing this at the same time as ‘Nyan Cat’ there is a spoooky entrainment between the two.

Who’s the more trollish, the troll or the troll who follows him?

So you admit you’re trolling then? Don’t.

No, I was accusing you! I thought you were making a We-have-always-been-at-war-with-Oceania statement relating to the use of the Special Edition (thus following the creator’s admitted trolling).

No I was saying that even in the original release Luke always said “Hey!”. Because he did. No amount of incorrect subtitles will change that.


I think this is one of those things where, just because something is hard, doesn’t mean it’s worthwhile or interesting.


I (ha ha) find it interesting listening to all the"I"s in a row and looking at their context. It’s a word that one usually doesn’t even think about when it’s being said, but seeing them all together shows just how much people talk about themselves :wink:

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