Artificial mountain outcrop and picturesque villa added to top of Beijing skyscraper


They should’ve spent the money on air filtration for the residents instead.

seems like the owner likes hiking and other outdoors activities.

Residents maybe should have been concerned about collapse before the additions were made too!

I guess seeing a bunch of fake rocks is what it takes to get people to think about their safety. Slick aesthetics do a good job creating a false sense of security.


Fake rock outcroppings always look like bad stucco and chicken wire from the set of “Lost In Space”

I think it needs some robot goats to frolic on the fake mountainside.

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Needs electric sheep.


In your dreams.


Well, that is if he does dream.

I heard on the radio a couple or three days ago - NPR, BBC, one of the two - that the authorities gave the owner 15 days to tear the structure down.

Government regulations are the problem! Everybody knows that!

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