Artist honors victims of police brutality



These are only the recent high-profile cases. If she wanted to draw them all, she would never run out of material. New cases are created faster than one person can paint.


I’m a bit disappointed on the Michael Brown entry. From what I gathered the evidence that he was surrendering with his hands up was not conclusive and much of it suggested that he wasn’t. He may still have been, but it certainly wasn’t concrete fact.

Including that as it is makes it hard for me to trust the other accounts. The retelling of events should rely on what is known for sure. There are plenty of cases where the facts are clear (not armed, running away, etc).


It is time to retire the term “police brutality.” It minimizes what is actually going on, crimes by the police. What some police officers are committing are terrorist treats, assaults, and murder. Police officers must to be held to an equal or higher standard than citizens or the police become worse than average criminals.

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