Artist shares 11 tips to apply for COVID-19 financial support

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Tip 6 about writing answers to forms and applications outside the web browser, in a separate document, is excellent excellent thoughtful advice.

He seems like a nice person too.


I came here to say that, you got here first.

Absolutely excellent advice. I’ve run into that issue so many times on the web, especially around government run websites.

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Don’t forget about the CARES act expansion to benefit artists, gig workers, and other self-employed.

I applied for California’s Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program, and I’m recieving $167 weekly, with the weekly $600 extension from the federal government until July 25th. Sure, I’ll owe some taxes on it next year, but it’s a very helpful lifeline in these uncertain times.

ETA: In order to not be surprised at tax time next year, I took advantage of the automatic garnishing feature the unemployment office offers on their website.


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