Arty photos of DIY weapons from the Ukrainian revolution


The line that needs repeating in view of these weapons is that a club with nails is great…until you’re coming up against a policeman suited in full riot gear and carrying nearly any sort of firearm. It’s just like the old Indiana Jones clip where he whips out the pistol to kill the warrior wielding a sword…except a lot of things, but there you go.

My inner geek automatically assigns damage value and type…

That looks like 1d8, bludgeoning, critical x3, that one like 1d6+1, bludgeoning. critical x2, the other one…

The fact that it’s named lends credence to the idea that its value is primarily psychological. It reminds me strongly of one named “Sid the Babycrusher”.

If you really want an effective nail-studded weapon, you use thicker nails driven all the way through, so that the points and not the heads are sticking out. Cut-nails preferably, not wire-nails. Then you bind the head with wire so the nails are less likely to back out, and to add both weight and resistance to shattering.

But you don’t generally want spiky weapons if you are on foot in an urban or otherwise space-restricted combat. The spikes get snagged in the clothing and armor of people around you and you end up getting gakked while you’re trying to pull free.

I would say thin bolts protruding only an inch on each side, secured with a couple nuts on both sides, scuff the bolt threads so the nuts can’t come off the bolt. Just my idea for a Walking Dead melee weapon.

I’ve seen bike courier tires rigged that way for ice!

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Such a peaceful bunch that carried these things. I can’t imagine a cop seeing it and shooting them or something.


Reminds me of the peaceful protesters in Iran a while back, that were peacefully throwing molotov cocktails at the bus they’d peacefully overturned, while peacefully screaming misogynistic imprecations.

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> Ukrainian revolution

You mean the fascist coup?

Are you implying that they’re somehow more fascist than the guy they overthrew? Nationalist I’d buy, and as long as they don’t start perpetrating atrocities against their Russian speaking neighbors, I’ve got a lot of sympathy for any Ukrainian who doesn’t want anything to do with Russia.

I’m not using the word as a hyperbole. I’m sympatetic to people fighting against imperialism, be it from the west or the east, but the ones that seized power are actual fascists, pro-west and not a step towards self-determination.

Yes, some of them are.

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But on the subject of melee weapon, and entanglement, . I always figured the war hammer could be used to puncture a knights armor and gaff him like a fish so several people could swarm the knight.

Don’t try to use logic.

There’s some incomprehensible faction, here and at large, that effectively sides with Russia in this Russia-orchestrated crisis. Russia has carved off a piece of Ukraine, is digesting it, and getting ready for the main course, and somehow its certain rightist factions within Ukraine that are the real danger.

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If you are including me in the incomprehensible faction, I apologise. I am making the mistake of assuming Putins shittiness is well known. I just don’t want to offer my support to a group that only stopped trying to visibly associate itself with the Nazis about ten years ago.

I trust Svoboda even less than I trust Putin, and that’s saying something. I am very concerned about the amount of power they now hold.

If I were in Ukraine right now, I would be trying to get out by any way I could. The future looks very bleak there.


I have one almost exactly like that! But yeah, that’s what the spiky back is useful for. The front part you slam into armor articulations so the enemy knight’s joints can’t flex any more. Knees and elbows are very vulnerable to that, especially if you put a smaller point (not big enough to get stuck) right in the middle of the hammer face.

Well, or maybe it could be one of those situations where there are indeed some fascists involved, meanwhile, Putin is an utter prick. It absolutely can be both. Just because some of the actions in Kiev were clearly broad based and had some democractic elements doesn’t mean fascists weren’t involved, too.

When did the world all of a sudden get so damn black and white?

I think all that matters to some people is that they align with the west, against which ever boogie man the government puts before us. It’s straight up Kirkpatrick doctrine, straight out of the Reagan administration… How did that work out in Afghanistan, now?

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